Mason Greenwood – A Lesson in Diversifying your Card Collection 

A Mason Greenwood Color Blast card used to be a coveted piece, well worth taking pride of place in the centre of any collection looking at the next generation of football stars. 

(Bear in mind, the 2021 Panini Prizm version sold for just over $1,700 midway through January.) 

Following recent allegations that have caused both Nike and Manchester United to sever ties with the player, prices are likely to enter freefall as the majority of fans appear to have given up on Greenwood and his cards.

Here’s why any collector should take the story as a lesson to diversify, and why it never makes sense to overcommit with a single player or sport.

Diversifying via Different Sports 

Imagine you were the biggest Mason Greenwood card collector, with a premium selection of the best cards from his formerly fledgling career. 

There will still be people who want to complete their sets, but his cards aren’t likely to sell for a profit long-term. 

At the time of writing, the BBC are reporting that Greenwood has been arrested on suspicion of rape and assault, and was ‘further arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and making threats to kill’ a few days later.

Of course, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but the news has still had an impact on recent selling prices. 

Rather than focusing on one team or one player, it’s always worth taking an interest in different sports, especially if you think they have the potential to blow up in the future. 

The UFC is a good example, while there are also tried and tested options like baseball or basketball.

Either way, you’ll be better protected from any unforeseen circumstances. 

This is doubly true if you look at retired legends, or Hall of Fame players that are unlikely to make the news for negative reasons. 

Diversifying via Alternative TCGs 

Then again, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sports card. There are many other collections that are worth checking out, from the likes of Pokémon to any popular TCG with a considerable fanbase. 

(After all, you won’t have to worry about Pikachu being accused of breaking the law anytime soon.)

You’ll be protected from the ebbs and flows of a specific sporting season, while there are lots of popular releases featuring everything from Dragon Ball Z to Yu-Gi-Oh! to look out for.

There are big franchises like Star Wars that always do well, and they happen to have an ongoing deal with Topps. 

Mason Greenwood – A Lesson in Diversifying your Card Collection

I’ll be the first to admit that I was caught out too, picking up a couple of graded Greenwood cards over the last year or so because there’s no denying his considerable talent on the pitch. 

Of course, they’re now worth far less than what I paid for them, but that’s the luck of the draw when investing in cards featuring would-be stars of the future. 

It’s always going to be far more speculative than sticking with retired legends, or even players heading past their prime like Leo Messi or LeBron James. There’s often a chance of big profit with younger players, but it’s also a bigger risk. 

It’s a pain if you were one of the collectors unlucky enough to focus on Greenwood RCs, but there’s always a chance that a young player won’t fulfill their potential in any case. 

Generally, I advise to be wary, even if it’s only because of the chance of a freak injury, or a serious loss of form that sees a player fail to reach their ceiling.  

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