The Best Nick Heath Cards: Guide, RCs, and Buying/Selling Advice 

Nick Heath made his MLB debut for the Kansas City Royals in 2020, and batted .154 with no home runs and 3 RBIs in 15 games.

He was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for right-hander Eduardo Herrera in 2021, and was eventually assigned outright to the Triple-A Reno Aces

Heath may have struggled to find his footing in the majors, although it’s worth mentioning that he ‘draws 70 and 80 grades on the 20-80 scouting scale for his pure speed’. 

Here’s a rundown with everything you need to know about the best Nick Heath rookie cards on the market right now. 

The Best Nick Heath Cards

Heath was included as a rookie in the majority of 2021 sets. There are lots of signed options, and they’re all fairly inexpensive. 

5. 2021 Topps Stadium Club Nick Heath RC #SCBA-NH (eBay)

2021 Topps Stadium Club Nick Heath RC #SCBA-NH

Take the 2021 Topps Stadium Club release as an example. It features a vivid full-bleed action shot of Heath after a successful hit, while the reverse notes his four-year climb to the major leagues. 

You’ll also find an on-card auto at the bottom. There are a handful of rare parallels, yet it’s still one of the cheaper options on the market. 

Parallels: Red Foil #/50, Black Foil #/25, Rainbow Foil #/10, Orange Foil #/5, Gold Rainbow 1/1

4. 2021 Topps Gypsy Queen Nick Heath RC #73 (eBay)

2021 Topps Gypsy Queen Nick Heath RC #73

The 2021 Topps Gypsy Queen set is a throwback release with a variety of Heath cards contained within. 

They’re based on the design of a pre-War tobacco era product, using the original Gypsy Queen cards that were issued by Goodwin & Co. in 1887.

The base version features Heath at the plate, with his bat held at the ready. 

Parallels: Missing Nameplate, Indigo #/250, Team Script Font Swap, Turquoise #/199, Blue #/150, Sepia #/99, Bazooka Back, Mauve #/75, Black & White #/50, Red #/10, Black 1/1

3. 2021 Topps Gypsy Queen Nick Heath RC #GQA-NH (eBay)

2021 Topps Gypsy Queen Nick Heath RC #GQA-NH

Rather than the base card, we’re looking at the Gypsy Queen Autos subset for the next RC that makes the list. Expect to pay a little more for this Topps Certified Autograph Issue, especially if you’re looking at one of the rare parallels. 

It offers a great mix of vintage and modern tastes. 

Parallels: Indigo #/150, Team Script Font Swap, Blue #/99, Black & White #/50, Bazooka Back #/25, Black 1/1

2. 2021 Topps Chrome Nick Heath RC #RA-NH (eBay)

2021 Topps Chrome Nick Heath RC #RA-NH

The flagship Topps Chrome release is generally one of the first places to look if you’re interested in the best RCs for any given player. 

Heath’s sole inclusion is within the Rookie Autographs set, and comes with a typical range of Refractor parallels which do retain some value in the present. As with the others, he’s depicted in his Kansas City Royals uniform. 

Parallels: Refractor #/499, Purple #/299, Aqua #/199, Blue #/150, Blue Wave #/150, Gold #/50, Gold Wave #/50, Orange #/25, Orange Wave #/25, Red #/5, Red Wave #/5, SuperFractor 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1

1. 2021 Topps Inception Nick Heath RC #RESA-AM (eBay)

2021 Topps Inception Nick Heath RC #RESA-AM

From the base Rookie and Emerging Star Autographs subset of 2021 Topps Inception, the final Heath card is another signed option of the on-card variety.

The memorable design does lead to some condition-related issues, but it is one of the more striking RCs from his first year in the majors. There are only a handful of parallels, including an Inception one-of-one. 

Parallels: Green #/125, Magenta #/99, Red #/75, Orange #/50, Blue #/25, Inception 1/1

Nick Heath Cards: Buyers Guide 

Here’s what we think of the market for Nick Heath cards in the future. 

The Best Cheap Nick Heath Cards

Almost any Nick Heath card is cheap right now, so you’re free to pick from the cards found above. The same goes for rarer parallels, which does give some indication as to where the market thinks values will lie in the future.

The Best Nick Heath Investment Card

Unless it’s a one-of-one or the rarest parallel, we’d avoid picking up his cards with an eye on future profits. On the other hand, prices are pretty much at rock bottom right now. 

Nick Heath Cards: Buying/Selling Advice 

Heath will see more consistent playing time with Reno, and will stay within the Diamondbacks organization going forward. It’s a valuable chance to rebuild his confidence before making another assault on the major leagues in baseball

However, barring a miraculous run, it’s unlikely that you’ll see much of a return on investment if you’re buying his cards with the hope of making significant profit in the future. 

If you are tempted, be sure to keep half an eye on real-life results. 

Check eBay for all available Nick Heath cards.

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