How Much is a 1-of-1 Card Worth? 

How much is a 1-of-1 card worth? In the world of trading cards, rarity is a attribute that drives value and captures the attention of collectors. Among the most sought-after rarities are 1-of-1 cards, also known as “one-of-ones.” These cards hold a special place in the hearts of collectors due to their unparalleled uniqueness. InContinue reading “How Much is a 1-of-1 Card Worth? “

Why aren’t card printing plates worth more money? 

Why aren’t printing plates worth more money? They’re a certified one-of-one collectible, and you’d think they’d sell for a premium price tag. Here’s everything you need to know.  If you’ve found a printing plate in a pack, you might be disappointed when checking out comparable sales from the set. Despite being a one-of-one, printing platesContinue reading “Why aren’t card printing plates worth more money? “