Is PSA Grading Worth It In 2023?

In a follow-up to one of our more successful articles from last year, we’re aiming to find out whether PSA is actually worth it in 2023.  The original article was released back in March 2022, at a time in which PSA was packed to the rafters with a massive backlog of cards. Multiple PSA tiersContinue reading “Is PSA Grading Worth It In 2023?”

Yes, PSA Graded Funko Pops Are Now a Thing

An interesting email hit my inbox today. PSA have announced that they’re ready to begin grading Funko Pops, which is major news for high-end collectors. After all, nothing says premium like a PSA graded box to keep your Funko safe and secure. Let’s take a look at what the news means for collectors.  I’m notContinue reading “Yes, PSA Graded Funko Pops Are Now a Thing”