Yes, PSA Graded Funko Pops Are Now a Thing

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An interesting email hit my inbox today. PSA have announced that they’re ready to begin grading Funko Pops, which is major news for high-end collectors. After all, nothing says premium like a PSA graded box to keep your Funko safe and secure. Let’s take a look at what the news means for collectors. 

I’m not the biggest Funko Pop collector, unless it’s an athlete or a team I personally support. For example, here’s my Chelsea collection:

Here’s the lowdown on the new PSA graded Funko Pops, including our thoughts on whether it’s worth it or not. 

How much does PSA Funko Grading Cost?

Working out at $39 for unsigned Funkos, it’s not especially expensive to send your best items off for PSA grading. Interestingly, there’s no difference in the turnaround time (62 days) no matter which service you choose, with the extra fee for autograph authentication and an auto grade. 

Here’s a direct link to the PSA page

Of course, $39 is way more than your average Funko. We’d advise against sending off random Pops from your collection, unless you plan to keep them for a very long time. 

On the other hand, it’s not prohibitively expensive, so they’ve probably priced the service fairly. 

Why are PSA Grading Funko Pops?

It’s taken a while for PSA to capitalize on the growing market for Funko Pops!. After all, they’ve been going since 1998, even if they’ve only gained mass appeal over the last decade or so. 

They say:

“PSA is now offering authentication and grading of these coveted, packaged collectibles. The popularity of these figures continues to grow every day, and demand for Funko Pops! found in mint condition keeps growing right along with it. We’ve heard customers’ requests and are excited to announce that PSA has created a comprehensive authentication, identification, and grading protocol for Funko Pops!.”

It’s another revenue stream for the grading company, and it’s true that demand for Funkos seems to show no signs of letting up. 

Is PSA Grading Funko Pops worth it?

Are graded Funko Pops worth it? It’s hard to say. One of the biggest issues with buying Funko Pops online is the prospect of fakes and replicas, especially if you’re looking at more expensive options. 

They might have been previously removed from the box, which also lowers the value. 

PSA grading will eliminate many of these headaches, so it could be worth it for the rarest options from your collection. 

However, you’ll have to get your Funko’s over to PSA in mint condition, which will be tough if you’re based outside of the United States. 


It makes sense that PSA has decided to start grading Funko Pops!. There’s certainly a market for the collectibles in mint condition, and you’ll be able to steer clear of any fake versions. 

It’s also likely to create a secondary market for any Pops in pristine condition, as there are some collectors who won’t be willing to accept anything less than a flawless version. 

Are you interested in graded Funko Pops? Let us know in the comments! 

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