The Best Mason Mount Cards: Guide, & Advice 

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Chelsea and England attacking midfielder Mason Mount has improved rapidly since becoming the first Academy graduate to play more than 50 games in his debut season with the senior side in 2019/20.

It was his pass in the 2020/21 Champions League final that set Kai Havertz running clear for the only goal of the game, while he’s a key member of the England team that reached the final of Euro 2020

It’s not a bad result for a player who won’t be 23 until January 2022.

Here’s everything you could possibly need to know about the best Mason Mount cards and RCs available on the market right now. 

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The Best Mason Mount Cards

The best Mason Mount cards were released in either 2019 or 2020, and come with an RC logo attached. 

5. 2020 Immaculate Soccer Mason Mount RC #96 (eBay)

Take the first card to make the list, found in 2020 Immaculate Soccer sets.  

Base copies are limited to 99, with a simple action shot of Mount with the ball at his feet. 

The card is blue and white to match Chelsea colours, and it’s finished with a gold chrome trim. 

The lack of a signature makes it one of the more affordable options overall. You’ll also be able to spot a large RC logo in the top left corner which helps to drive value compared to other unsigned cards. 

Parallels: Bronze #/50, Sapphire #/25, Gold #/10, Ruby FOTL #/8, Platinum 1/1

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4. 2019-20 Panini Impeccable Mason Mount #IV-MM (eBay)

The first of two cards from 2019-20 Panini Impeccable Premier League Soccer to make the list, The Victory Signatures subset has a base version which is limited to just 49 copies. 

There’s a smoke effect on the right side of the card, which is reminiscent of the popular Color Blast design. The left is dedicated to the serial number, as well as a large on-card auto set against white stock. 

It’s a strong choice for investors and Chelsea supporters alike. 

Parallels: Silver #/25, Gold #/10, Emerald #/5, Platinum 1/1

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3. 2019 Topps Chrome Sapphire Mason Mount RC #30 (eBay)

The 2019-20 Topps Chrome Sapphire Edition UEFA Champions League collection is arguably best known for an Erling Haaland RC found within the base set. 

However, there’s also a great Mount rookie card which is available in a range of coloured Sapphire parallels.

Along with a large full-bleed image, there’s an RC logo found on the bottom left corner. (Remember, Mount won the UCL in 2020/21, so branded cards are always popular.)

Parallels: Yellow #/99, Green #/75 (1:3), Orange #/50 (1:4), Purple #/25 (1:7), Red #/5 (1:32), Padparadscha 1/1 (1:161) *Odds are for boxes, not packs.

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2. 2019 Panini Chronicles Prizm Update Mason Mount RC #312 (eBay)

2019-20 Panini Chronicles Soccer mixes the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A, with three mini-box packs for each one. 

Mount is found in the PL mini-box, and we’re looking at his base card from the update set. There aren’t many parallels, but the Blue Ice version (/99) seen above is especially popular with collectors. 

It’s another solid unsigned option with great investment potential. 

Parallels: Prizm, Blue Ice #/99, Gold #/10, Gold Vinyl #/5, Black 1/1

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1. 2019-20 Panini Impeccable Mason Mount #ERMM (eBay)

Mount was one of five players chosen for the Elegance Rookie Patch Autographs subset from 2019-20 Panini Impeccable Premier League Soccer.

This card has everything you could want. From the understated design, to an RC logo, or an on-card auto, and the inclusion of a serial number. 

Better still, there’s also a massive swatch which helps it to stand out from the crowd, so it easily takes the top spot on our list. Expect graded versions to be the most expensive Mount collectible overall.

Parallels: Silver #/25, Gold #/10, Emerald #/5, Platinum 1/1

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Mason Mount Cards: Buyers Guide 

Mount has been incredible since making his Chelsea debut, and has to be seen as one of the first names on the team sheet. But are his cards worth it from an investment perspective?

A number of Mount’s RCs were released during 2020, with a few more in 2019. The point is, the market has yet to settle, and you should be able to find base versions of the cards listed above at an affordable price point. 

Take the 2019-20 Panini Chronicles Soccer RC. A base Prizm copy is cheaper than you might have expected, although prices rise significantly when looking at graded copies. 

Any of the cards that made the list are viable options, especially if they also happen to include a serial number or an autograph from the man himself. 

We’d look at either of the Impeccable cards if we had to select one with an open budget. 

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Mason Mount Cards: Buying/Selling Advice 

Much depends on whether Mount can continue to provide the goods during the second act of his career. 

The player has already picked up a UCL trophy which represents the pinnacle of European football, but how will he cope with a loss of form in the future? 

If you think he will live up to his talents, his collectibles have to be seen as a no-brainer from an investment perspective. 

As for selling, we’d wait until the 2022 World Cup for the highest possible prices in the short-term. Otherwise, Mount looks to be one of the best long-term options from the Premier League. 

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