The Best Trae Young Rookie Cards

Trae Young was drafted by the Dallas Mavericks in the 2018 NBA draft with the fifth pick, and went on to join the Atlanta Hawks on a four-year contract a month later.  He was selected to the 2019 NBA All-Rookie First Team, going on to become a two-time NBA All-Star (2020, 2022).  The point is,Continue reading “The Best Trae Young Rookie Cards”

The Best NBA Color Blast Cards: Guide, RCs, & Advice 

Color Blast cards are some of the more interesting recent releases, with a unique background set against an image of the athlete doing what they do best.  The super short print Prizm insert has been included in NBA Spectra sets since 2019-20.  Here’s a roundup with five of the best NBA Color Blast cards onContinue reading “The Best NBA Color Blast Cards: Guide, RCs, & Advice “