The Best Trae Young Rookie Cards

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Trae Young was drafted by the Dallas Mavericks in the 2018 NBA draft with the fifth pick, and went on to join the Atlanta Hawks on a four-year contract a month later. 

He was selected to the 2019 NBA All-Rookie First Team, going on to become a two-time NBA All-Star (2020, 2022). 

The point is, Trae Young deserves the hype currently surrounding his best rookie cards, even if he might not be the most popular player in the NBA at this moment in time. 

Here’s a list with a trio of the best Trae Young RC options, along with investment advice for the next couple of seasons. 

The Best Trae Young Cards

Young’s RCs are found in 2018-19 sets. There are hundreds of copies to choose from when factoring in for parallels, but which are best overall? 

3. 2018-19 Panini Select Trae Young RC #249 (eBay)

2018-19 Panini Select Trae Young RC #249

We begin with 2018-19 Panini Select Basketball. It has a stunning Prizm RC featuring Young as he leaps up into the air. 

There’s a range of parallels that correspond with the background colour and design, such as the rare Green version seen in the image above. 

Base parallels are the most affordable option to make the list by a wide margin, and shouldn’t be disregarded. 

  • Parallels: Silver, Zebra, Copper #/60, Tie-Dye #/25, Neon Orange Pulsar FOTL #/13, Gold #/10, Green #/5, Black 1/1

2. 2018-19 National Treasures Trae Young RC #103 (eBay)

The 2018-19 National Treasures set comes with a duo of Trae Young rookie patch autos. The vertical version has more parallels, which we’ll list below. 

  • Parallels: FOTL #/20, Gold #/10, Emerald #/5, Blue FOTL #/3, Logoman 1/1

There’s also a horizontal version, serial numbered to 49. It also features an on-card auto, with a Bronze parallel limited to 25 copies. 

An expensive option, you’re mostly paying for brand recognition, as National Treasures is always seen as a premium collection. 

1. 2018-19 Panini Flawless Patch Autographs Trae Young RC #9 (eBay)

2018-19 Panini Flawless contains a range of high-end hits, including a Trae Young Patch Autographs card with a base version limited to only 15 copies. 

The on-card auto is placed underneath the patch, alongside a great shot of Young as he dribbles down the court. 

It has to be seen as his top RC, ticking all of the important boxes for collectors.

  • Parallels: Gold #/10, Green #/5, Platinum 1/1

Trae Young Rookie Cards: Buyers Guide 

We’ve put together a buyer’s guide for anyone interested in adding a Young RC to their investment portfolio or personal collection. 

One good thing about having so many cards to choose from is that there’s an abundance of affordable options. 

You’ll have to pay more for slabbed copies, especially if they’ve received a pristine grade from a reputable company. 

The Flawless Patch Autographs card is a clear winner here, bringing a touch of class to proceedings. The National Treasures RPA cards are also a worthy option, with a clean design that is favoured by many high-end collectors. 

Trae Young Cards: Buying/Selling Advice

Along with the likes of Zion Williamson and Anthony Edwards, Trae Young should be seen as a viable investment if you’re looking at the next generation of basketball stars. 

We’d keep an eye on his progress, although prices are likely to shoot up if he continues to rack up All-Star appearances. 

(He’s an outside bet for the 2022 NBA MVP Award. It’s also safe to say that he will earn his first All-NBA team following this season.)

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