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Card Review Club

I’m James Milin-Ashmore, the editor of Card Review Club! If you’ve read something here, I’ve probably written it myself.

In terms of relevant experience, I’ve been writing about the collectible hobby professionally for over half a decade, and I worked for Goldcardauctions for a few years as well. I picked up a sports journalism degree in 2014. I’ve written for Arsenal.com, national newspapers, and heaps of sports websites.

I’ve written about sports and online security for almost a decade, but this is my own site, about a hobby I’m personally interested in. Here’s a picture of me looking smug:

I hope you enjoy the site!

How much is a collectible card worth? Are you buying or selling for a fair price, and is there potential for profit in the future?

At Card Review Club, we aim to answer those questions, along with any others you may have about the hobby.

As well as sports like soccer, baseball, and basketball, we’re also interested in providing up-to-date news and advice regarding the best Pokémon cards.

We aim to provide a fair, honest, analysis of the hobby, avoiding much of the hype that has taken over in recent years. I’m not being paid to recommend any sets or cards, and everything is my own option. To come up with the lists, I’ve used everything from branding to recent sales to ensure a fair system.

Is there a player you’d like me to check out, or a set that you’re not sure about? If you have any questions or business enquiries feel free to contact us here. Otherwise, feel free to send me a message on social media, or elsewhere.

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