The Best Formula 1 Cards to Invest In: 2022 

A total of 441 million fans have watched Formula 1 on TV during the past 12 months, giving some indication of just how popular the sport is as of 2022. They’ve successfully broken into new markets, causing the New York Times to note;   “With soaring attendance — a record three-day crowd of 420,000 attended theContinue reading “The Best Formula 1 Cards to Invest In: 2022 “

What Are The Best Max Verstappen Cards to Collect? 

What are the best Max Verstappen cards to collect? Arguably the biggest name in F1, Max Verstappen is the youngest points scorer and the youngest race winner in history.  Having made his debut in 2016, Verstappen won his first F1 drivers’ title in 2021 after it went down to the wire.  He overtook rival LewisContinue reading “What Are The Best Max Verstappen Cards to Collect? “

F1 2022 Turbo Attax: Review & Guide 

We’re taking a look at F1 2022 Turbo Attax. It’s a cheaper alternative for fans of the FIA Formula One World Championship. The set is the latest continuation of an exclusive worldwide agreement for Topps to be the Official Sticker and Trading Card Licensee of Formula 1. Topps says;  “Topps presents the all new F1Continue reading “F1 2022 Turbo Attax: Review & Guide “