The Best Alejandro Garnacho Rookie Cards

Best Alejandro Garnacho Rookie Cards
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Alejandro Garnacho is a young winger who plays for Manchester United and the Argentina national team. He has taken the football world by storm since his professional debut at 17. Born in Madrid in 2004, Garnacho’s journey has been stellar, from his early days at Atlético Madrid to his time in the Manchester United Academy and, eventually, to the Premier League. Today, we delve into the world of his rookie cards, showcasing the best Garnacho cards for collectors and fans alike.

The Best Alejandro Garnacho Rookie Cards

Here is the criteria we used to come up with the list seen below:

  • Values: We’ve factored in for some of the most valuable Alejandro Garnacho Rookie Cards on the market 
  • Rarity: Rarity will always have a role to play in terms of interest and pricing 
  • Popularity and branding: How popular is the brand, or the set itself?
  • Rookie cards: RCs are always going to sell for a premium, as the first ever cards to feature the player 
  • Potential ROI: Arguably most important, can you expect a decent potential ROI if it’s a long-term hold? 

1. 2022-23 Prizm PL Alejandro Garnacho RC #90

The Prizm series has long been a go-to choice for sports card collectors, and Garnacho’s RC from the 2022-23 Prizm Premier League set is no exception. The card captures the young winger in action on the pitch, and its design showcases Prizm’s renowned attention to detail. With a glossy finish that accentuates the card’s quality, this rookie card is a must-have for any collector interested in the best Garnacho cards. Expect to find a rainbow of rare parallel cards to chase. 

2. 2022-23 Select PL Alejandro Garnacho RC

Select cards are well-regarded for their distinct, high-quality designs and the 2022-23 Alejandro Garnacho RCs are no different. The cards present Garnacho in mid-stride, focused on his next move. It features reflective and textured elements. This rookie card stands out as one of the most expensive Garnacho cards in the market, reflecting its coveted status among collectors.

3. 2022-23 Topps Chrome Alejandro Garnacho RC #50

Topps Chrome cards are famed for their lustrous finish, a trait that is fully showcased in the 2022-23 Alejandro Garnacho RC. Capturing Garnacho in the midst of an energetic sprint, this card is a snapshot of the dynamism that he brings to the field. For those on the hunt for high-quality, long-lasting collectibles, this rookie card is an excellent choice. There are also signed copies with a stickered auto, such as the card seen above. Garnacho autographs are some of the priciest options on the market. 

4. 2022-23 Select EPL Stained Glass Alejandro Garnacho RC #14

The 2022-23 Select EPL Stained Glass Alejandro Garnacho RC is a work of art. The card’s stained-glass design element sets it apart, highlighting Garnacho in a unique and captivating manner. Rare and aesthetically pleasing, this insert is one of the most sought-after and expensive Garnacho cards available. Expect to pay roughly $400 for an ungraded version, upped to roughly $1,350 for a PSA 10 as of July 2023. 

5. 2022-23 Panini Chronicles Optic Alejandro Garnacho Rookie Ticket #299

The 2022-23 Panini Chronicles Optic Alejandro Garnacho Rookie Ticket card blends tradition with innovation. The card, with its ‘rookie ticket’ design, harks back to classic sports cards, but with a modern twist courtesy of the Optic series’ renowned flashy, reflective design. This fusion of old and new makes this card a standout among Garnacho’s rookie offerings, appealing to a broad range of collectors. It should be fairly cheap, unless you’re looking at the rarest parallels. 

Why are Alejandro Garnacho Rookie Cards So Popular? 

He’s an exciting player with a long career ahead of him, and he plays for one of the biggest teams in the world. Then there’s the fact that he plays for Argentina, having made his senior debut in 2023 for the World Cup winners. In other words, the future bodes well for Garnacho, and that has led to high prices for his rarest rookie cards as collectors speculate about their future value. 


Alejandro Garnacho’s football career is already studded with standout performances and milestones. His rookie cards reflect his impressive journey and offer an exciting opportunity for collectors and fans. From the glossy Prizm to the artistic Select EPL Stained Glass, there’s a Garnacho rookie card for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an investment or simply a piece of this talented young player’s career, these are the best Garnacho cards to look out for. 

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