The Best Dragonite Cards for Collectors and Investors

Best Dragonite Cards
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Dragonite, a fan-favorite Pokemon, has been a staple of Pokemon trading cards since the early days of the franchise. Known for its powerful stats in the game and its charming design, Dragonite cards have always been in demand among collectors and investors. In this article, we explore the best Dragonite cards that would make a fantastic addition to your collection.

1. Dragonite Fossil Holo (1999) (eBay)

One of the most iconic Dragonite cards out there is the Dragonite Fossil Holo. Released in 1999 as part of the original Fossil set, this card features an eye-catching illustration of Dragonite with a foil holographic finish. The card’s age and nostalgic value make it a prized asset for collectors.

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2. Dragonite EX Full Art – XY Evolutions (2016) (eBay)

The Dragonite EX Full Art from the XY Evolutions set is another crowd favorite. This card boasts a beautiful full-art design featuring Dragonite in a dynamic pose. With its glossy finish and detailed artwork, it’s a must-have for any Dragonite fan. It’s also a superb option if you’re on a tight budget, coming in at roughly $50 for a PSA 10 copy as of 2023. 

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3. Light Dragonite – Neo Destiny (2002) (eBay)

This card from the 2002 Neo Destiny expansion is a classic. The Light Dragonite card, with its impressive attack stats and stunning artwork, is a popular choice among players and collectors alike. 

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Understanding the Market for Dragonite Cards

Dragonite cards have always held a special place in the Pokemon card market. Dragonite’s popularity, combined with the stunning artwork and powerful stats on many of its cards, contributes to their high demand. Collectors appreciate Dragonite cards for their nostalgic value and aesthetic appeal, while players value them for their game utility.

Grading Dragonite Cards

Consider getting your Dragonite cards professionally graded for the best preservation and potential value increase. Grading companies like PSA and Beckett provide reliable grading services, assessing the card’s condition and authenticity. A higher-grade card could fetch a substantially higher price in the market.


Dragonite cards, with their captivating designs and powerful game stats, are a worthy addition to any Pokemon card collection. Whether you’re an avid Pokemon fan, a dedicated collector, or an investor looking for valuable trading cards, these Dragonite cards should be high on your list.

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