The Best Mewtwo Cards Ever

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Mewtwo is a psychic-type Pokémon who was the main antagonist in the first movie. 

One of the more powerful monsters from the original collection, it was also the first Pokémon seen in the English dub. It appears at the very beginning of the opening scene.

The point is, Mewtwo is always going to be one of the more collectible Pokémon cards on the market, especially if you’re looking at versions released around the early 2000s. 

Here’s a guide with some of the best Mewtwo Pokémon cards ever created, along with buying and selling advice updated for 2022. 

The Best Mewtwo Pokémon Cards

Mewtwo has been included in a number of important sets released since the original release in 1999. Of course, Mewtwo is associated with Mew, the Pokémon from which it was originally cloned from. 

5. 2000 Topps Chrome Pokémon T.V. Mewtwo #150 (eBay)

The 2000 Topps Chrome Pokémon set was widely ignored by collectors at the time who were more interested in the shiny holos found within ‘normal’ packets. (For example, I can vividly remember a massive pile of these cards sitting in a friend’s house, always ignored, and never swapped.)

As it turns out, he’d have been better off wrapping them all in penny sleeves, as many collectors today aren’t bothered about the rules of the TCG. They just want nostalgic Pokémon cards such as the Mewtwo seen above. 

PSA 10 copies now sell for a pretty penny.

4. 2002 Pokémon Legendary Collection Reverse Foil Mewtwo #29 (eBay)

The 2002 Pokémon Legendary Collection is worthy of the name. Wizards of the Coast released reverse holographic foil singles for each of the 110 cards for the first time. 

On these singles, the entire front is printed in shiny holographic material except for the artwork. They were released at a rate of one per pack. While they’re commonplace now, they were one of the original drivers behind interest in the set. 

3. 2006 Pokémon EX Holon Phantoms Mewtwo Gold Star #103 (eBay)

This is the most recent set to make the list. 2006 Pokémon EX Holon Phantoms is the thirteenth main expansion of cards from the EX Series of the Pokémon TCG. 

This Gold Star Mewtwo is especially valuable. These cards were rarer than Pokémon-ex and placed afterwards in set listings. 

They are based on alternate coloured Pokémon, while the artwork also exits the box, causing it to stand out even among the others mentioned in this article. (Mewtwo has a large golden tail in the image, denoting it’s special status.) 

2. 2002 Pokémon Neo Destiny Shining Mewtwo #109 (eBay)

Released way back in February 2002, the Neo Destiny set contains 113 Pokémon cards. There are 105 in the base set, along with 8 secret shining rare versions

Shining Mewtwo is an example, and is one of the more valuable cards overall. They have a new holographic metallic look coupled with a plain frame.

Given the age and the rarity, it’s tough to find pristine graded copies in the present. You can also expect to see lots of bids if a PSA 10 version does happen to come up at auction. (The registry currently has a population of just 216.)

1. 1999 Pokémon Game Holo Shadowless Mewtwo #10 (eBay)

There is only going to be one winner when it comes to the most important set on this list.  

The original and still the best, the 1999 collection is the main driver behind the interest and record sale prices associated with the TCG in recent years. 

Compared to the cards mentioned above, it’s undeniably basic, especially when looking at early Shadowless versions of the first ever Mewtwo card. However, it’s worth it’s weight in gold in terms of nostalgia. There are currently only 69 PSA 10 copies on record. (Nice.)

Mewtwo Cards: Buyers Guide 

Mewtwo is one of the more important early Pokémon cards. It has been included in various sets, often as a special addition. Whether it be a Gold Star card, or a Shining version, the majority sell for big money if you’re looking at pristine graded versions. 

Check out the normal 1999 Holo at a lower grade if you’d like a card that ticks most of the boxes, and won’t cost as much as a second-hand car. An even cheaper option would be to bypass the 1st Edition entirely. They’re unlikely to be worth much long-term due to oversaturation. 

Either the Gold Star, the Shining Mewtwo, or the tried and tested 1st Edition Shadowless version from 1999. Any of the trio are likely to serve as a solid investment if you’re aiming to hold onto them for a significant period of time.  

Mewtwo Cards: Buying/Selling Advice 

Mewtwo is always going to be popular. This is thanks to a combination of being a rare and powerful Pokémon who was included in the majority of important sets from the last two decades. 

If you have one of the top cards in great condition, we’d advise you to send it off to PSA for grading. If not, the market seems to have settled during the latter stages of 2022. It makes for a decent time to buy or sell any of the cards that made it onto the list. 

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