What Are The Best DeMar DeRozan Rookie Cards to Collect? 

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DeMar DeRozan is a five-time NBA All-Star and a three-time All-NBA Team member who is clearly having a career resurgence in 2022. Sure, the Bulls may have overpaid to get DeRozan (and then overpaid him) last summer, but he repaid their investment with a career-high 27.9 points, adding 5.2 rebounds and 4.9 assists.

We’ve come up with a list containing five of the best DeMar DeRozan rookie cards to collect, with lots of info about how and why they’ve managed to make the cut. 

The Best DeMar DeRozan Rookie Cards

Having been selected ninth overall by the Toronto Raptors in the 2009 NBA draft, DeRozan was included in the majority of sets released that year.   

5. 2009-10 Topps DeMar DeRozan RC #320 (eBay)

The base 2009-10 Topps Basketball set is where we’ll begin. A cheaper alternative compared to the famous Chrome release which we’ll discuss in detail below, it uses a crisp profile shot of DeRozan during his rookie season. You’ll find a copy of the Gold parallel used in the image above, limited to 2,009 copies to match the year of release. Easy to spot, it matches the color of the border. 

  • Parallels: Gold (#/2009), Black (#/50)

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4. 2009-10 Bowman ‘48 DeMar DeRozan RC #105 (eBay)

The Bowman ‘48 collection contains another DeMar DeRozan RC limited to 2,009 copies. There’s also a Blue version, with a print run of 1,948 to match the theme of the set. 

Released just a couple of years after the NBA was founded, 1948 Bowman Basketball was the first time the company produced a set of cards for the sport that were distributed nationally in the United States.

We like the vintage look and feel of the collection, with a simple Bowman logo in the top left corner, and a close-up action shot of the player. 

  • Parallels: Blue (#/1948), Print Plate-Cyan 1/1, Print Plate-Magenta 1/1 

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3. 2009 National Treasures DeMar Derozan RC #199 (eBay)

2009 National Treasures contains a variety of high-end options featuring DeRozan during his rookie season. 

Limited to only 99 copies, this card is reasonably affordable due to the lack of a signature, but still benefits from a crisp design. 

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2. 2009-10 Topps Chrome DeMar DeRozan RC #100 (eBay)

Topps Chrome is always one of the more popular sets when looking at the best rookie cards from 2009, and DeRozan is no exception. Rather than the base version that comes in with just under 1,000 copies, we’d stick with the Refractor versions, numbered to a round 500. 

Most of the value is derived from the flagship Topps Chrome brand, although the card has become iconic over the last decade or so. Along with the rarer Refractor parallels, there’s also a Gold version limited to just 50 copies.

Despite the lack of an auto or patch, they’ve held value especially well over the past decade.

  • Parallels: Refractors (#/500), Gold Refractors (#/50), SuperFractor (1/1)

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1. 2009-10 National Treasures Century Gold DeMar DeRozan RC #208 (eBay)

What could possibly beat the 2009-10 Topps Chrome DeMar DeRozan RC?

This 2009-10 National Treasures release features a print run of just 99 copies, with an on-card auto accompanied by a massive swatch that takes up over half of the surface.

When compared to the higher serial numbers seen above, it’s easy to see why this is the most valuable DeRozan rookie card overall. 

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DeMar DeRozan Rookie Cards: Buyers Guide 

We’ve put together a brief buyer’s guide if you’re interested in adding a few DeRozan RCs to your personal collection. 

You’ll find cheaper options the further up the list you go, and that includes rare parallels. It’s not impossible to start a decent DeRozan rookie collection with a limited budget. 

The 2009-10 Exquisite Collection DeMar DeRozan rookie card would be our top pick overall. The RPA is unmatched, and limited in number. It’s also the most prestigious set by a wide margin. 

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DeMar DeRozan Rookie Cards: Final Thoughts 

Entering his 14th NBA season, DeRozan has continued to prove the doubters wrong, whether it’s his age or his toughness. He’s showing no signs of letting up anytime soon: 

“It’s like, ‘God damn, what did I do to you all?’ You look at so much stuff like it’s entertainment. You indulge in it, take whatever you want from it. You just make people eat their words and you get the last laugh. Because I know nobody understands and knows the amount of work that I put in. I know for a fact that most of the guys in our league don’t work like I do. Just me knowing that part of it, I already know what you’re putting up is BS.”

We wouldn’t bet against him having another strong season in 2022/23. 

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