The Best Draymond Green Rookie Cards to Collect 

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What are the best Draymond Green rookie cards to collect? The Golden State Warriors power forward is a four-time NBA champion, with a variety of valuable options to check out. He’s also one of the more recognizable faces in the league, as a key member of the Warriors’ Big Three.

A seven-time All-Defensive First Team member, four-time All-Star, two-time All-NBA First Team selection and the 2017 Defensive Player of the Year, Draymond Green is one of the more accomplished stars in the NBA. 

We’ve taken the opportunity to check out some of his best rookie cards, which came out roughly a decade ago. 

The Best Draymond Green Rookie Cards

As a second round pick, Green wasn’t included in every Panini set from 2012-13. However, he has options in the majority of popular releases, and we’ve narrowed it down to five top options. 

5. 2012-13 Panini Prizm Draymond Green RC #95 (eBay)

What better place to start than a strong auto from 2012-13 Panini Prizm Basketball? Green is featured dominating at the rim, bursting out of the border with this sticker signature. It’s a style that was replicated for a number of sets from this season. Parallels aren’t as plentiful as you might have expected, with Silver Prizms limited to 25 copies. It’s a world away from the rainbows seen in recent years. Autos dropped at a rate of two per box. 

  • Parallels: Silver Prizms #/25 (Hobby)

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4. 2012-13 Select Prizms Draymond Green RC #218 (eBay)

Another valuable Draymond Green auto is found in 2012-13 Panini Select Basketball. Once again, DrayMagic is bursting out from the border, while the base version is limited to 449 copies. (This makes it one of the more plentiful signed cards from the set, as some players like Kyrie Irving were numbered to 149.) There’s only a handful of Prizm parallels which are in low supply. 

  • Parallels: Gold Prizms #/10, Black Prizms 1/1

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3. 2012-13 Panini Prizm Draymond Green RC #282 (eBay

Switching back to 2012-13 Panini Prizm Basketball, the base Prizm is always a popular collectible, using larger than life imagery and a distinctive border design that helps to set it apart from the competition. It benefits from strong branding that helps to keep values high when graded, and it comes with a trio of parallels. Silver versions might be unnumbered, but they’re especially pricey if it’s in pristine condition:

  • Parallels: Silver (2 per Hobby box), Green (1:10 Retail packs), Gold #/10 (Hobby)

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2. 2012-13 National Treasures Draymond Green RC #186 (eBay)

Heading into high-end territory, the 2012-13 National Treasures Basketball auto is one of Draymond Green’s more valuable RCs for obvious reasons. The signature is on-card, and there are only 99 copies. (With no parallels.) If you want even more bang for your buck, there’s also a premium RPA included in the collection.

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1. 2012-13 Immaculate Draymond Green RPA #PP-GY (eBay)

2012-13 Panini Immaculate Collection Basketball is a premium set with a variety of Draymond Green rookie cards that have appreciated in value significantly over the past decade. This RPA is one such example, with a distinctive finish that feels sleeker than the others. There’s a trio of rare parallels, but it earns its spot on the list thanks to a large jumbo patch in the middle. This time, base copies are numbered to 75, with the serial number located on the bottom right corner.  

  • Parallels: Autographed Patch Chinese Red #/25, Numbers #/23, Logo 1/1

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Draymond Green Rookie Cards: Final Thoughts 

Green has a good chance of becoming a Hall of Famer, he’s won a bunch of championships with Golden State, and his RCs feature him wearing a GSW jersey. It’s no surprise that the rarer rookie cards to make are worth a substantial sum of money. 

He’s part of the Warriors’ Big Three along with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, and they have been a triple threat to the league since 2012. They’re likely to be remembered well. 

On the other hand, he’s never put up amazing numbers, even if he is the team’s best defender and (arguably) the best playmaker as of January 2023. He also made the news for punching teammate Jordan Poole during practice in October 2022, which led to a fine, but no suspension. 

In any case, we’d keep an eye on the best Draymond Green rookie cards, even if he has said that retirement isn’t on the cards for at least four more years.

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