The Top Five Euro 2008 Stickers to Collect

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What are the best Euro 2008 stickers to collect? It’s been a while since the tournament took place, even if stickers were printed in high numbers, and they’re still readily available. 

As part of my never-ending quest to collect more Luka Modric merch, I’ve turned my attention to the Euro 2008 sticker collection, released by Panini. It’s still an entry-level collection, with a handful of notable stickers found inside. 

Here’s a rundown with five of the best Euro 2008 stickers to collect. 

The Best Euro 2008 Stickers

As there were so many produced by Panini, we’re solely looking at PSA graded stickers from the main set. 

The 2008 Austria-Switzerland collection was printed in various countries, along with mini albums that were produced by companies like McDonalds.  

5. 2008 Panini UEFA Euro Sticker Pawel Golanski #240 (eBay)

It was hard to pick a sticker for the fifth spot on this list. There’s a young Karim Benzema, or the legendary Thierry Henry. There’s Andres Iniesta, who won everything with Spain. Along with Xavi, they formed a formidable duo for Barcelona. 

Instead, we’re looking at Polish player Pawel Golanski. The defender retired in 2017, and won the Romanian Supercup. If you’re wondering how he managed to make it onto a list packed with star names, his Euro 2008 sticker was an error, as Panini used a picture of his teammate Arkadiusz Glowacki by mistake with the first print. You can see an example below:

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4. 2008 Panini UEFA Euro Sticker Zlatan Ibrahimovic #521 (eBay)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the next player to make the list. Still going strong at the age of 41, he is one of only four active footballers to have scored 500+ goals for club and country.

After the 461st sticker, there’s a collection of action shots featuring some of the biggest stars in Europe at the time. Ibra was included in one such example, sprinting along the field with the ball at his feet.

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3. 2008 Panini UEFA Euro Sticker Cristiano Ronaldo #509 (eBay)

Cristiano Ronaldo makes his first appearance on the list. As with the Zlatan sticker seen above, it uses an action shot of the Portugal legend as he bombs down the wing, rather than the profile picture seen below. 

(There’s also a team image sticker in the set which is fairly popular, if you want more vintage CR7 options.)

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2. 2008 Panini UEFA Euro Sticker Luka Modric #194 (eBay

The evergreen Luka Modric is next up. Named as one of the players of the tournament at the 2022 World Cup, he can’t have long left at international level. His sticker has been one of the more popular collectibles from the 2008 sticker set. 

Modric made his first tournament appearance at the 2006 FIFA World Cup finals as a teenager. Regardless, you’ll find his rookie sticker contained in Panini Euro 2008 sets. 

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1. 2008 Panini UEFA Euro Sticker Cristiano Ronaldo #120 (eBay)

Back to Cristiano Ronaldo, and this sticker that shows off the legendary Portugal forward in a profile image. It’s more valuable than the action shot seen above, even if it’s fairly abundant as of 2023. At the current time of writing, there are only 10 pristine Gem Mint PSA graded versions, with a major drop in prices for PSA 9s and below.

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Euro 2008 Stickers: Key Stats 

Euro 2008 stickers are reasonably affordable, and you’ll be able to find the majority easily. (You should also be able to track down completed albums if you’d prefer.) Here are key stats and facts about the Euro 2008 sticker collection:

  • Stickers numbered 1-535
  • Five stickers per packet 
  • Boxes contain 100 packets
  • Various packet designs released in different countries 
  • Brazilian stickers may be glossy on the front, and are slightly thicker (these are graded separately by PSA)
  • Road to Euro McDonald’s mini album was released in Spain, Germany, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy
  • 32 images were later updated by Panini 

The Best Euro 2008 Stickers: Final Thoughts 

If you’re not looking at PSA 10 versions, Euro 2008 stickers won’t set you back by a massive amount, but they’re a fun piece of history. There aren’t any special versions to chase, but there are early options for some of the biggest stars from the sport. 

As for the tournament itself, Spain ran out as the eventual winners, beating Germany 1-0 in the final thanks to a goal scored by Fernando Torres. 

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