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Our detailed GetGraded review aims to answer any questions you may have about the service.

Given the substantial timescales and higher prices associated with larger US-based grading companies like PSA, we decided to take a look at some of the fledgling alternatives like GetGraded

GetGraded is based in the UK, so we sent off a selection of 30 cards for the purposes of this no-holds barred review. 

Does GetGraded have what it takes to compete with the likes of PSA and BGS, and how does it hold up compared to other UK-based companies like Majesty Grading

Read on to find out our thoughts as we look back on our experiences with the service. 

Reviewing GetGraded

We sent off two batches of cards with GetGraded at the beginning of December. We made use of a special Christmas deal, working out to just £99 for 15 cards. 

They came back in the post midway through March, so find out what we thought of the service in our detailed GetGraded review.

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GetGraded: Pricing & Current Timescales 

Where to begin? In terms of pricing, it’s fair to say that GetGraded is one of the cheapest grading services you’ll find, whether that’s in the UK or the United States. 

If you’re willing to send your cards in bulk, an average of just £6.95 per card is going to be difficult to beat. Even £7.95 for 10 cards is especially cheap considering they also offer sub-grades. 

They also have a variety of deals on at any given time, allowing for further savings.

Timescales are a different story. It was supposed to take 6-8 weeks for my cards to come back in the mail. (I’m also based in the UK, so it’s not like I had to wait for customs or international shipping.) 

It took 14 weeks for my cards to be returned, after GetGraded had some issues relating to sourcing the plastic for slabs according to their Facebook page. 

It’s lucky I checked there, as they didn’t bother to respond to my emails. 

GetGraded promises quicker turnaround times from here on out, but 14 weeks is a while to be waiting, especially if you were hoping to sell your cards straight away. I’ve noticed they now have a max capacity limit on submissions, which should help to stop them from being overrun.

GetGraded: Grading 

GetGraded uses a simple 10-point grading scale, borrowing from some of the larger companies based in the United States. 

They note that your overall grade can only score .5 to 1 whole grade higher than your lowest sub-grade. 

The GetGraded scale is as follows;

  • 10 Flawless 

No damage or imperfections on the card with perfect 50/50 centering.

  • 10 Pristine 

No minor damage or imperfections on corners/edges/surface. With 60/40 centering.

  • 9.5 Mint+ 

Some minor imperfections, No whitening on corners/edges, one print line, with 60/40 centering.

  • 9 Mint

Some minor imperfections, including whitening on one or two corners/edges, one or two minor print lines, with 60/40 centering.

  • 8.5 Near Mint+

Minor imperfections, including whitening on one or two corners/edges. Light surface damage/print lines. With 70/30 centering.

  • 8 Near Mint

Minor imperfections, including whitening on some corners/edges. Light surface damage/print lines. With 70/30 centering.

  • 7 Excellent

Moderate imperfections, including whitening and silvering on corners/edges. Light holographic and surface damage.

  • 6 Good

Major imperfections, including whitening and silvering on all corners/edges. Increased holographic scratches and heavier surface damage such as a single crease.

  • 5 

Major imperfections, including heavy whitening and silvering on all corners/edges. Numerous holographic scratches and heavier surface damage including multiple creases.

  • 4 

Major imperfections, including very heavy whitening and silvering on all corners/edges. Heavy holographic scratches and surface damage including multiple creases.

  • 3 

Excessive imperfections, including very heavy whitening and silvering on all corners/edges. Heavy holographic scratches and surface damage including deep creases.

  • 2 

Excessive damage, including heavily damaged corners/edges. Excessive whitening and silvering. Deep holographic scratches, heavy surface damage and multiple deep creases.

95% of the card is still intact. Excessive damage to corners/edges. Including excessive whitening and silvering, extreme surface damage and multiple deep creases.

  • A 

Authentic, the condition of the cards is extremely worn, excessive creases , extreme corner and edge damage or less than 95% of the card intact.

We received a range of 9.5s, which isn’t a bad return. However, from 30 cards, we got no 10 Pristine grades, which gives some indication of just how strict they are. 

This bodes well if you’re looking at picking up GetGraded 10s on the market, as they should earn a similar grade if you’d prefer to send them elsewhere.

GetGraded: Shipping & Packaging

Shipping and packaging is where GetGraded definitely deserves high marks. Our cards were returned in custom boxes, safe and secure as they were also strapped up tightly with bubble wrap. 

It’s a minor touch, but it’s better than I was expecting given the low asking price. There’s little chance of your cards being damaged in transit. 

Another nice touch was that they also returned my toploaders, so you won’t have to buy more before sending off more cards for grading. 

GetGraded: Slabs 

GetGraded slabs are on the thinner side, and they weren’t able to grade a Topps Museum card I’d sent off because it was too thick. (This means that they will struggle to grade any RPAs or patches.)

They’re not fragile, but you will be able to notice a difference when they’re stacked up next to the competition. The addition of sub-grades is one clear bonus for GetGraded, and is available at no extra cost.

It’s great if you want to know why a card has received a lower grade, or to check if the centering is perfect. 

GetGraded has recently announced that they will now be able to grade packs as well as individual cards.

GetGraded Review: Communication & Social Media

They post daily on social media, but they’re not the most vocal if you’re planning on getting in touch for any reason. 

GetGraded straight up ignored my email asking when my cards would be returned, and that’s not the sort of professionalism you’d expect from a service hoping to compete with the likes of PSA. 

Then there are UK services like Majesty Grading, which are more responsive, and post multiple cards daily. 

It’s clear that GetGraded still has a lot to improve in this respect, especially when dealing with first time customers. 

I’m well aware that grading can take longer than the average timescales suggest, but I’d have appreciated an update, or even a response. 

GetGraded Review: Values

Most collectors send cards off with a view to sell them on eventually. As such, the resale value of a graded card is especially important. 

As a newer company, GetGraded is always going to struggle compared to the likes of PSA when it comes to the final sale price on sites like eBay. 

They’ve been one of the best UK based companies for selling TCG options, lagging behind MGC ever so slightly for sports cards. 

GetGraded Review: Overall

Despite the long wait to get my cards back, I would probably use GetGraded again. (Only this time, I’d be expecting them to take a bit longer than 6-8 weeks!)

It’s worth mentioning that GetGraded was in the process of going through new ownership during the time in which I was waiting, and I do think timescales will be improved in the future as they’ve ironed out most of the issues.  

However, it did take way too long for my cards to come back, and it’s hard to recommend the service given my overall experience. 

It’s a shame as I really like the cards, and the strictness of their grading scale. The labels are great, and it’s a highly affordable service. With a couple of modifications, (and a more responsive team) they could be a real contender in the future.

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