The Best Jack Sikma Rookie Cards to Collect

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Seven-time All-Star Jack Sikma is a Hall of Famer who scored 17,287 points in his NBA career. In 1979, he won an NBA championship with Seattle, and helped to revolutionize the game for big men in the process. Sikma is still the only center in history to lead the NBA in free throw percentage.

Here’s a roundup with the best Jack Sikma rookie cards to collect. 

The Best Jack Sikma Rookie Cards

His sole rookie card can be found in 1978 Topps Basketball. As there’s only one Sikma RC, we’ve rounded out the list to feature a trio of top options. 

3. 1986-87 Fleer Basketball Jack Sikma #102 (eBay)

We’ll begin with the famous 1986 Fleer set. Best known for the Michael Jordan rookie, PSA 10 copies of every card from the set are reasonably valuable. 

The same goes for the Jack Sikma card, even if it was released almost a decade after his NBA debut. It features a great action shot of the player in a shooting pose, and comes with the customary red, white, and blue border. It’s always likely to be a collectors item. 

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2. 1980-81 Topps Basketball #47 Scott May, #30 Larry Bird, #232 Jack Sikma (eBay)

Next up is 1980 Topps Basketball. This makes the list as a Larry Bird RC, which also features Sikma in a separate segment. Bird is found in the middle, flanked by Scott May and Sikma. (May went on to play in Europe after struggling with injuries.)

In terms of the perforated design, it’s worth noting that cards that have been detached are considered to be damaged and are seen as being in Poor condition. Bird is pictured in a close-up action shot, and Sikma is ready to shoot. 

The team/player name is found at the base of the card, and it’s the same font that was used in the 1978 Topps baseball set.

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1. 1978 Topps Jack Sikma RC #117 (eBay)

1978 Topps Basketball is where you’ll find the sole Jack Sikma rookie card. In terms of design, the set features two pictures of each player. There’s a larger game-action shot that takes up most of the card, with a smaller head shot inside a circle in the lower right corner.

It’s a bit dated, but it’s not like you’re spoiled for choice. According to the PSA pop report, there are only 23 PSA 10 copies at the current time of writing, and the last sale was recorded at $1,747. With 165 PSA 9 copies, values begin to drop rapidly. 

Check prices of 1978 Topps Jack Sikma RC on eBay

Jack Sikma Rookie Cards: Buyers Guide 

What do we think of the current state of the market for the best Jack Sikma rookie cards? 

A product of its time, you’ll be able to find copies of the RC for next to nothing. For example, lower grades can be found for less than $10. It’s great if you just want a copy of the card for your personal collection. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, there’s no better Sikma investment than PSA 10 copies of his 1978 RC. There aren’t many on the market, creating a true scarcity at the top end. 

Final Thoughts 

A Seattle SuperSonics great, Sikma might not be the biggest star we’ve ever written about, but he’s a bonafide Hall of Famer and he had a genuine impact on the sport. 

We like the look of his rookie card, as there are fewer than 25 PSA 10 copies. There’s a grade to suit almost every budget, and it’s not out of reach for any collector. 

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