2016 XY Promo Mario Pikachu Pokémon Cards: What you need to know 

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The 2016 XY Promo Mario Pikachu cards numbered #293 and #294 are some of the most interesting releases ever. In terms of mainstream appeal, Mario Bros. is a franchise that compares to Pokemon itself. Let’s take a look at the Mario Pikachu cards, from values to overall interest. 

XY Promo Mario Pikachu cards are found in special boxes that were given a limited time release in Japan back in October 2016. They’re some of the more valuable modern releases, so we’ve taken the time to show you the best options from the set. 

The Best 2016 XY Promo Mario Pikachu Cards

There are two ‘Mario Pikachu’ cards worth mentioning. 

2. 2016 Japanese Special Box Holo Mario Pikachu #293 (eBay)

The first takes the appearance of a normal Pokémon card for the most part, and is numbered #293.

As the name implies, this is a Japanese card which shows Pikachu dressed as Mario. It’s a meeting of two iconic franchises, which has been given the Holo treatment. You’ll find a simple ‘Mario Pikachu’ logo on the bottom right corner of the artwork. 

It’s also given a shiny Holo border, which is often seen with Japanese Pokémon cards. 

Check prices of 2016 Japanese Special Box Holo Mario Pikachu on eBay

1. 2016 Japanese Mario Pikachu Special Box Full Art Mario Pikachu #294 (eBay)

The Full Art Mario Pikachu card is more valuable than the card seen above, selling for roughly $2,800 at the current time of writing. (Of course, that’s only if you’re looking at PSA 10 graded copies such as in the image above.)

It features Pikachu in a classic Mario pose, leaping through the air with one hand in the sky. It’s easy to see why this is the more popular option from an aesthetic point of view. 

Check prices of 2016 Japanese Special Box Full Art Mario Pikachu on eBay

Buyers Guide 

Flawless copies tend to be especially pricey, given the smaller print run and the inclusion of Nintendo’s mascot. Of course, many are being snapped up to be held as a long term investment option. You should be able to find upgraded copies of the #293 Mario Pikachu cards selling for less than $500.

Is Mario Pikachu a real card?

Yes, Mario Pikachu is a real card, although it was only released in Japan. You won’t find an English version, and there’s even a Luigi card that we’ll discuss below. 

What about Luigi Pikachu?

What about Luigi Pikachu? Another valuable Full Art card from the set, this time the Pokémon is dressed as everyone’s favourite Player 2. 

PSA 10 graded copies are comparable in price to the full-art Mario version seen above. The only real difference is the pose, as well as the green garb, rather than the red and blue associated with Mario. 

You’ll also be able to find a normal Pokémon card featuring Luigi Pikachu within the collection. 

Check prices of 2016 Japanese Special Box Full Art Luigi Pikachu on eBay

How much is a box worth?

A sealed 2016 Japanese Special Box is one of the more valuable Pokémon products out there, especially if you’re looking at releases from the last decade. Take a look at a couple of recent sales for sealed boxes below:

You’ll probably have to pay at least $2,000 to nab a sealed box towards the end of 2022. 

Final Thoughts 

Despite some high prices for pristine copies, we think that these are some of the most collectible Pokemon cards ever produced. After all, Mario/Pikachu and Luigi/Pikachu are likely to be wanted by Nintendo fans, as well as traditional card collectors. 

Mario and Pikachu is a great combination, and we’re surprised that it took this long for the Japanese mascots to feature together. 

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