2021 Pokémon Celebrations Charizard Cards, Guide & Advice

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Did the 2021 Pokémon Celebrations Charizard cards live up to the hype?

2021 Pokémon Celebrations is a set looking at the best that the TGC has to offer with a range of cards that will complement almost any collection. 

Some of the most popular Pokémon cards have been re-released as part of the ‘celebrations’, and boxes flew off the shelves during the holiday season.

One such card to receive the treatment is Charizard, re-released in all of his original 1999 glory. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the various 2021 Pokémon Celebrations Charizard cards. Let’s check out whether they’re worth the serious attention they’ve attracted ever since they were released. 

The Best 2021 Pokémon Celebrations Charizard Cards

We’ve listed a trio of the best Charizard cards you’ll find in the various sets and packs that were released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pokémon in 2021. They could yet prove to be one of the best investments this decade. 

3. 2021 Pokemon Celebrations 25th Anniversary Charizard #4 (eBay)

The most coveted card from the original set by a wide margin, Charizard is back in all of his glory for this re-release. It’s breathing a familiar plume of orange and yellow fire. 

As a like-for-like reprint of one of the most popular cards in existence, even ungraded versions will attract a lot of interest. The majority of collectors can’t afford a Shadowless original holo version, never mind a graded copy of the card. 

It’s far cheaper than the original, but still goes for a significantly higher fee than any of the other cards from the base Celebrations collection.

That’s doubly true if the Charizard Celebrations card has been graded by the likes of PSA or BGS. 

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2. 2021 25th Anniversary Japanese Set Charizard #1 (eBay)

Next up is the 2021 25th Anniversary Collection Charizard Japanese promo card. 

This promo card was given out in a random pack to anyone who purchased five 25th Anniversary Collection booster packs at a Pokémon Center or participating retail shops for a limited time in October, 2021. 

It was found inside a random pack containing one card, while there were 25 different Pokémon in the series. 

In terms of distinguishing features, it has the 25th anniversary logo on the middle right hand side of the card. 

Of course, the text is also in Japanese, but that hasn’t stopped prices from rising rapidly to match high demand. 

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1. 2021 Pokemon Celebrations Ultra Premium Collection Gold Metal Charizard #4 (eBay)

Finally, we come to the 2021 Pokémon Celebrations Ultra Premium Collection. Next up is the Gold Metal Charizard contained within the expensive hobby box. 

One of two commemorative metal cards featuring Base Set Pikachu and Base Set Charizard, PSA have stopped grading the card due to problems with the surface when slabbing the card, if rumours are to be believed. 

This means that there’s an added premium when looking at graded PSA versions, and it’s already a high-end item given the rarity. 

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2021 Pokémon Celebrations Charizard Cards: Buyers Guide 

Here’s a quick guide if you’re thinking about adding a 2021 Celebrations Charizard to your personal collection anytime soon. 

The best affordable Charizard card is the base set re-release, even though it wasn’t especially abundant in packs or boxes. You could look at ungraded versions if you’re determined to find a bargain. 

We’d opt for the Gold Metal Charizard as the best investment piece, depending on whether the likes of PSA come up with a method to grade the card safely. 

The Japanese 25th Anniversary version is also a viable option from an investment point of view. It depends on your budget, as well as your personal preferences. 

2021 Pokémon Celebrations Charizard Cards: Buying/Selling Advice

Charizard is always going to be popular, while 2021 offered collectors the chance to pick up the card once more. It was always going to be a tempting prospect. It helped to push sales for all boxes and packs released to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Pokémon and the TCG.

Of course, it was one of the most elusive cards contained in packs, but many have made it onto the resale market during the early stages of 2022. 

Supply exceeds demand for now, but there’s no way that’ll last in the long term. Prices for boxes are slowly beginning to creep up as they continue to be opened by Pokémon fans and collectors. 

We’d keep an eye on graded copies of 2021 Charizard cards. We think they have great potential for profit over coming years.

It might not match up to the original 1999 card, but surely it’s the next best thing overall. 

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