Pokemon Sword & Shield—Lost Origin Review, Best Cards 

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The eleventh major Sword & Shield Series expansion, Lost Origin was released September 2022. We grabbed a Booster Box to see what the set has to offer, along with listing the five most valuable cards that can be found in packs.  

The Lost Origin expansion focuses on Giratina and the Lost Zone. With 247 cards in the English version, it’s going to be tough to complete the checklist without buying multiple boxes, or looking online. 

Lost Origin is anchored by a duo of valuable hits, (Aerodactyl V and Giratina V) while there’s a strong Trainer Gallery subset to choose from.

Here’s a rundown with five of the best Pokemon Lost Origin cards, as well as taking a look at what we got in our booster box. 

Lost Origin: Top 5 Cards 

We’ve factored in for rarity, values, and popularity to bring you this list.

5. Galarian Perrserker V (Alternate Art) (eBay)

Galarian Perrserker V is the first Lost Origin Pokemon card to make the list. One of four Alternate Art designs found within the expansion, a lack of any other Pokemon in the background is a slight letdown. 

You should be able to find PSA 10 copies for roughly $100. After all, Perrserker isn’t the most popular Pokemon, but everyone likes Alternate Art cards. 

Market price December 2022: $20-$30

PSA 10 market price December 2022: $100

Check prices for Galarian Perrserker V (Alternate Art) via eBay 

4. Pikachu VMAX (Trainer Gallery, Character Rare) (eBay)

It’s no surprise that this Trainer Gallery Pikachu VMAX card is a hit with fans and collectors alike. It shows off Pikachu and Red, who team up as the Kanto champions. (Of course, Red’s Pikachu is loosely based on Ash’s Pikachu, which is obvious from the artwork.)

Trainer Gallery cards aren’t the rarest, but there’s still a mild jump in values compared to the Galarian Perrserker V seen above. 

Market price December 2022: $30

PSA 10 market price December 2022: $150

Check prices for Pikachu VMAX (Trainer Gallery, Character Rare) via eBay

3. Rotom V (Alternate Art) (eBay)

The Alternate Art card featuring Rotom V is up next. It’s surrounded by home appliances which it has previously possessed in the games. 

For example, if it possesses an electric fan, it becomes Fan Rotom, becomes dual-type Electric/Flying, and learns Air Slash.

It’s another newer Pokemon which leads to lower values, even if it’s difficult to find in Lost Origin packs.  

Market price December 2022: $30-$40

PSA 10 market price December 2022: $100

Check prices for Rotom V (Alternate Art) via eBay

2. Aerodactyl V (Alternate Art) (eBay)

The Alternate Art Aerodactyl V card features artwork that sees the Pokémon soaring through the skies. There’s a marked increase in terms of values, especially if you’re looking at PSA 10 graded copies. You’ll be able to spot a number of different Pokémon in the background, and it’s one of the more interesting cards to look at. 

The inclusion of a Gen I Pokemon is always going to make collectors pay attention.

Market price December 2022: $80

PSA 10 market price December 2022: $280

Check prices for Aerodactyl V (Alternate Art) via eBay

1. Giratina V (Alternate Art) (eBay)

A clear winner, Giratina V is an eye-catching Alternate Art card with amazing attention to detail. Set in the Distortion World, it’s Giratina’s true home, and it was introduced in Pokemon Platinum. Legendaries are always popular, and this card comes with a hefty price tag. PSA 10 copies are slowly making their way onto the market as of December 2022, but prices have yet to settle. However, they’re down massively from the $1,200 seen in October 2022 for a duo of Japanese versions. 

The Japanese edition of Giratina V is a cheaper alternative. 

Market price December 2022: $200

PSA 10 market price December 2022: $600

Check prices for Giratina V (Alternate Art) via eBay

Pokemon Sword & Shield—Lost Origin Boxes 

We grabbed a booster box via Amazon for roughly $120. It turned out to be a poor decision, as we found nothing of value within the packs. Prices for the booster boxes are slowly beginning to dip, possibly due to a massive checklist and a miniscule chance of finding anything of note. 

At the current time of writing, you should be able to find sealed boxes for roughly $100. 

Lost Origin Review: What we packed 

As you might have guessed, we didn’t get anything valuable in our box. We always tend to miss out on the chase cards, and it should be a lesson for anyone reading that it makes more sense to grab singles rather than trying to hit the lottery. However, Giratina V is a massive hit, and will definitely sell a few Lost Origin packs.

Is there a Charizard in Lost Origin?

Yes. The Lost Origin Charizard is part of the Trainer Gallery (#TG03). However, it’s not as valuable as the cards we’ve discussed above. PSA 10 copies currently go for roughly $60 on sites like eBay. 

Lost Origin Review: Summary 

Lost Origin has a couple of major hits in the form of Aerodactyl V and Giratina V, with the latter selling for a large sum. They are tough to find, and have held their value well in the months following the release of the expansion. We’d personally advise to avoid opening booster boxes, but it’s undeniably fun to do so. 

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