2022 June PSA Update: Value Service Level Returns

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What do we make of the 2022 PSA Update?

Finally, the news that many collectors and traders have been waiting for. PSA has announced the return of their Value service level, coming in at a price that works out to just $30 per card. 

You will need to be a Collectors Club member, and you’ll have to send over ‘a minimum of 20 cards’, released between 1996-2022 that have a declared value limit of $499. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the return of the PSA Value Service Level, including the criteria, and the potential effects it will have on the market. 

PSA Value Service Level: The Criteria 

There’s a range of stipulations to be aware of if you’re planning to send off the best cards from your personal collection to PSA. 

  • Individuals submitting at this service level must be a Collectors Club member
  • Submissions must have a minimum of 20 cards and consist only of cards from 1996-2022 that have a declared value limit of $499 each to qualify for this service level.
  • The new Value service level only applies to regular-sized cards (3.5” x 2.5”) and does not include pins, packs, tickets or jumbo.
  • Estimated Turnaround Times will be 120 days, with all orders arriving after the 2021 Value backlog is complete.
  • In addition to the reintroduction of Value, Dual Service options are also now available for PSA Collectors Club members at $36 per card. Dual Service allows autographed cards to be submitted for dual authentication (card and autograph) or dual grading which will provide numerical grades for the card and autograph.

The Collectors Club costs $99 per year to join. It’s probably worth it if you have a large number of cards to send over. In any case, you’ll gain access to the cheapest prices that PSA has to offer. 

It’s worth mentioning that it’s $119 for international members, and you’ll have to spend an additional $600 for the 20 cards to be graded. Then there’s shipping to take care of. 

Of course, PSA cards tend to be the most valuable overall, so it should be worth it.

PSA Update: Turnaround Times 

Turnaround times have been a problem for PSA, with collectors forced to wait for months as the grading company was swamped with orders. That’s one of the reasons why the Value tier was suspended in the first place. 

They’ve now upped the prices ever so slightly, but it should lead to fewer cards being sent to clog up the service. PSA says;

“Estimated Turnaround Times will be 120 days, with all orders arriving after the 2021 Value backlog is complete.”

This means you’ll be waiting for up to four months to get your cards back. It is a long time compared to many other grading services. If you’d prefer quicker turnaround times, it might be better to look at the likes of SGC

In any case, be prepared to wait for a while if you’re sending cards off to PSA with the Value service. 

PSA Update: Value Service Level Returns – Will This Affect Sale Prices? 

The return of the Value tier is likely to affect sale prices for PSA 10 cards at the lower end. If the population of a card goes up by hundreds, supply is likely to exceed demand in the long run. 

This is especially true for base cards, or anything that was printed in mass numbers. (Think of recent Pokemon sets, or the average 2021/22 hobby box.)

This is great if you just want to collect gem mint copies. However, it’s not ideal if you’re aiming to buy and resell cards regularly. 

It should make it easier to find PSA 10 graded copies on the open market, especially as most markets appear to be in an overall downturn at this current moment in time. 

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Should I Send Cards to PSA for Grading?

I’ve got lots of cards to send off to PSA for grading, with the majority selling for $50-$200 if you’re looking at raw copies. 

I’m probably going to send off 20+ next month, even if it’ll take a third of a year to make their way back to me. It’s hard to go wrong with the Value level at $30 per card, especially considering the prices Gem Mint copies can sell for. It makes sense from an investment perspective.

There’s no point in sending off base cards unless you’re sure that they’ll sell for more than the PSA fee. You’ll also have to take into account the time they’ll take to make their way back to you. Four months is a while to wait.

PSA Update: Value Service Level Returns – Summary 

Expect to see a massive influx of PSA graded cards making their way onto the market. Collectors will begin to dump the cards they’ve been saving over the past two years. Who can blame them?

Remember, you’ll have to send in 20 cards at minimum to qualify for the $30 per card rate. This means many will be shipping off cards in massive numbers. It includes all of the overproduced sets from the last few years. We’d advise to stick with parallels and rarer options if possible.

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