The Best Ronaldinho Rookie Cards to Collect

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When it comes to legends in the world of soccer, few live up to Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, better known as “Ronaldinho Gaúcho”.

The ultimate flair player, Ronaldinho starred for the likes of Brazil and Barcelona, winning two FIFA World Player of the Year awards and a Ballon d’Or.

He was an icon to a generation of fans, and a master of the Jogo Bonito style of play. Ronaldinho always had a smile on his face, and he’s remembered well as of 2022. 

Here’s a roundup with a trio of the best Ronaldinho rookie cards and stickers on the market right now, as we head closer to the upcoming World Cup in Qatar.

The Best Ronaldinho Rookie Cards

The best Ronaldinho rookie cards and stickers were released during his time spent with Grêmio in Brazil. 

Alternatively, we’ve listed a World Cup rookie from his first ever tournament in 2002. 

3. 2001 Navarrete Copa América Ronaldinho sticker RC #57 (eBay

The 2002 World Cup was an important debut for the maestro. Ronaldinho was suspended for the semi-final, but returned to Brazil’s starting lineup for the 2–0 victory over Germany in the final as Brazil won its record fifth World Cup title.

This sticker was released in Peru a year earlier, as part of a 2001 Navarrete Copa America album. Ronaldinho is pictured in a profile shot, wearing the famous yellow of Brazil. 

This was the first album published by Panini which focused on the top men’s football tournament contested among national teams from South America.

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2. 1999 Panini Campeonato Brasileiro Grêmio w/ Ronaldinho RC #131 (eBay

Ronaldinho made his career debut for Grêmio, back in 1998. If you couldn’t tell, this is the first half of a double sticker, featuring the entirety of the Grêmio side from the 1999 season. 

The Brazil international is found on the left segment, in the first row furthest left. 

While the left sticker is the one you’ll want, expect to pay a premium price tag for the full team if graded. (As always, values will be lower if the sticker was removed from the backing.)

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1. 1999 Panini Campeonato Brasileiro Ronaldinho #124 (eBay)

Sticking with the same 1999 Panini Campeonato Brasileiro sticker set, this time we’re looking at Ronaldinho’s solo entry. 

Released by Panini in Brazil, there’s a massive checklist of 418 stickers. 

Pictured in the blue and black stripes of Grêmio, it gives a glimpse into Ronaldinho’s style of play, with his hands on his hips as the ball appears to magically stick to his midriff. 

If you’re looking for vintage Ronaldinho rookie cards and stickers, you’ll struggle to find much better. 

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Ronaldinho Rookie Cards: Buyers Guide 

What does the market look like for the best Ronaldinho RCs? 

As the collectibles to make the list were stickers, they’re not especially expensive if you’re looking at ungraded copies. However, the 1999 versions can be hard to locate, given they were produced over 20 years ago.

The solo sticker released before the turn of the millennium has to be seen as the best Ronaldinho rookie in existence. It might not feature him in the famous red and blue of Barcelona. However, it does show the player in one of his first ever professional seasons. 

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Ronaldinho Rookie Cards: Buying/Selling Advice

Not even a five-month stint in a Paraguayan prison in 2020 was enough to sully Ronaldinho’s reputation. (In fact, he played for a prison team and won a futsal tournament during his term. He was only there due to a fake passport his brother used while entering the country.)

The World Cup, Champions League and Ballon d’Or winner was always known for his fondness of partying, and his prime was arguably cut short after winning it all. Regardless, Gaucho was a special player, and there has been nobody like him ever since. 

A great investment as a retired pro, there’s more than enough footage available for younger fans to get to know just how good he was. 

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