The Best Stipe Miocic Cards 

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Former two-time UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic (20-4-0) is widely regarded as one of the best ever, with a level of skill previously unseen at the higher weights. 

His trilogy with Daniel Cormier settled the GOAT debate, while he holds the record for most wins in heavyweight title fights. Miocic also works as a firefighter when he’s not in the octagon. 

Here’s a list containing three of the best Stipe Miocic cards, as well as investment advice if you’re aiming to turn a profit in the future. 

The Best Stipe Miocic Cards

We’ve picked out a trio of the best Stipe cards you’ll find, along with any parallels and other relevant info. 

3. 2021 Panini Prizm UFC Stipe Miocic #CS-SMC (eBay)

First up is a recent auto from 2021 Panini Prizm UFC sets. 

The Champion Signature subset features Stipe as the belt holder, although he lost by KO in a rematch with the fearsome Francis Ngannou in March. (The set was released in April, so there was no time to switch over.)

Regardless, it shows Miocic at his best, with the belt slung over one shoulder, and a large autograph found at the bottom. 

Parallels: Silver, Green, Red #/49, Blue #/35, Mojo #/25, Premium Box Set #/11, Gold #/10, Black 1/1

2. 2021 Panini Prizm UFC Stipe Miocic Color Blast #2 (eBay)

Color Blast inserts are hyper-rare, and can only be found in 2021 Panini Prizm UFC hobby boxes. 

Stipe is one of 20 of the best fighters included in sets. It features an image of him celebrating after knocking out Andrei Arlovski, as he screamed at Dana White to give him a shot at the title. 

The rest is history, while Color Blast cards always carry a heavy premium. This could be another one to watch in terms of potential future value. 

1. 2012 Topps UFC Knockout Stipe Miocic RC #FA-SM (eBay)

The top spot is reserved for Miocic’s rookie auto. It’s contained in 2012 Topps UFC Knockout sets, and features a large on-card signature along with a full-bleed image of the young fighter.

The Autographs subset basically contains a copy of the base card with an on-card signature attached. It’s one of the earliest to feature the future champion, who looks set to hang up his gloves sooner rather than later. 

Copies of the Knockout auto rarely come up at auction, especially when looking at graded versions. 

Parallels: Red #/8, Mat 1/1

Stipe Miocic Cards: Buyers Guide 

Stipe is a model champion, even if he shied away from the media side of things. Here’s a buyers guide looking at the current state of the market.

The best affordable Stipe card to make the list has to be the 2021 Prizm auto. It’s a recent release, and there are a number of ungraded versions available online at any given time. We expect it to increase in value over time. He has to be certain to earn a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame. 

We like the look of either the Color Blast insert or the 2012 RC, especially as a long-term investment option. Of course, they’re reasonably expensive, although ungraded versions of the latter should be in reach for the average collector. 

Stipe Miocic Cards: Buying/Selling Advice 

Miocic is a legendary athlete, holding his own in a division in which every fighter has one-punch power. At 39, he can’t have long left at the top, after taking part in a number of brutal wars to keep his belt. 

Retirement should cause a bump to prices, potentially even more so if fans look back fondly on his time as champion. The same is true for entry into the Hall of Fame, which is almost certain at this point.

For now, we’d advise to hold onto some of his rarer cards just in case. 

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