The Best “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Cards: Guide 

What are the best ‘Stone Cold’ cards ever?

Anyone lucky enough to experience The Attitude Era at the time will be aware of how popular “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was, as well as his impact on wrestling. 

He was forced to retire from in-ring competition in 2003. This was due to a serious neck injury, although that only added to his mystique in the long-term. 

Here’s a rundown with some of the best “Stone Cold” Steve Austin cards, as well as looking at buying and selling trends

The Best “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Cards

The majority of the best Stone Cold cards were released before the millennium, when wrestling was at its peak. 

Some cards feature WCW logos. Others sport the older WWF branding used before the company lost a lawsuit against the animal charity

6. 1998 WWF Superstarz Stone Cold Steve Austin #11 (eBay)

Stone Cold Steve Austin PSA graded wrestling card

Back in the late 1990’s, sticking a Z on the end of a word was pretty common. 

This 1998 WWF Superstarz card is the cheapest to make the list, but it does have a great action shot of Road Dogg receiving a Stone Cold Stunner.  

It has a full-bleed design. There’s also a second Steve Austin card in the set (#6) that shows him posing with a belt.

5. 2001 Fleer WWF Steve Austin #49 (eBay)

Stone Cold Steve Austin PSA 10 graded wrestling card

The sole card released after the millennium to make the list, the 2001 Fleer WWF features a profile image of Stone Cold in his prime. 

He’s mean mugging the camera in typical fashion. It’s easy to see the difference in quality compared to many of the other cards. 

Fleer has added gold chrome to the logo at the top, while it’s found in the ‘Championship Clash’ subset. 

Sadly, Austin retired a couple of years after this card was released. 

It’s also worth mentioning that 2001 Fleer WWF WrestleMania is the first set of pro wrestling cards from the card maker as they took over from Comic Images, and it contains a rare Austin auto which is rarely seen on the market.   

4. 1995 WCW Main Event Stunning Steve Austin #29 (eBay)

Stunning Steve Austin PSA graded wrestling card

Before he was ‘Stone Cold’, he was ‘Stunning Steve’ with the now defunct WCW promotion

The 1995 WCW Main Event Stunning Steve Austin card has a great action shot of the wrestler as he leaps off the top ropes. 

Better still, his opponent is none other than the Surfer version of Sting, who is still going strong in AEW today.  

Stunning Steve was known for his flowing blonde locks, but soon shaved it off to become the infamous antihero.  

3. 1997 Cardinal WWF Stone Cold Steve Austin (eBay)

Stone Cold Steve Austin PSA graded wrestling card

The 1997 Cardinal set is actually a WWF-themed trivia game, featuring some of the biggest stars from the time. (It also happens to contain a key RC for The Rock, which will sell for at least four figures when graded.)

This explains the somewhat basic design, as well as the lack of a card number. If you happen to have a copy of the board game, it’s worth fishing out to send the Rock/Austin cards off for grading purposes. 

The Austin card easily takes the third spot on our list. 

2. 1993 WCW Magazine Steve Austin RC #10 (eBay)

Stone Cold Steve Austin SGC graded wrestling card

The second-ever Stone Cold card is seen as an RC, released in January 1993. 

It was included in the WCW Collector Series Special #3 1993 Yearbook, as one of nine cards on a single sheet along with the likes of Cactus Jack

They had to be separated and put together. The unique distribution method makes the WCW Collector Series RC difficult to find at higher grades in the present.

It’s not the best looking action card, but it’ll be an important addition to any serious Steve Austin collection. 

1. 1991 Cromy WCW Stunning Steve RC #G4 (eBay)

Stunning Steve Austin PSA graded rookie wrestling card

This card was originally part of a 1991 WCW Cromy Luchadores game, which is the main reason behind the unique design and the Spanish text located at the base. 

It features a simple image of a rookie ‘Stunning Steve’ looking like an absolute unit as he holds one arm aloft. 

Prices have risen rapidly in the past couple of years, mostly due to the age and the fact that it’s the first time the wrestler is seen on a cardboard collectible. 

As such, it’s a tempting option for WWE/WWF/WCW/Stone Cold collectors, given his impact on the sport during its mainstream peak. 

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Cards: Buyers Guide 

Stone Cold has been long retired, and there’s no chance of a final run. However, he’s always happy to turn up and stunner someone, and his popularity hasn’t waned with fans whatsoever.  

The 1997 Cardinal is our top pick if you’re looking for affordable, graded “Stone Cold” Steve Austin cards. It has a unique design and comes with a story, while it’s reasonably rare compared to many others.  

Either of the RCs have to be seen as the best Stone Cold card, even if he was actually ‘Stunning Steve’ at the time. 

Anything with an autograph attached tends to be popular with collectors who are more than willing to give a ‘Hell Yeah’ no matter the price.  

Final Thoughts

Stone Cold will always be a 1990’s icon. The ‘The Steve Austin Show’ is great for anyone interested in interviews with current WWE Superstars and Legends. He still has a lot to offer the business, even if his wrestling days are over for good. 

His retirement coincided with a large drop in audience numbers, and it’s not close to recovering today. For example, RAW got 2.067 million viewers earlier this year. It is far lower than the average of 5.9 million achieved in 1999. 

There’s a chance that wrestling could become even more irrelevant in the next decade or so, leaving only the most ardent of fans to collect cards like the ones seen above. (Let’s face it, WWE hasn’t been mainstream in forever.)

Stone Cold RCs should be a great investment, but much depends on the future of the business. Will AEW bring back more lapsed fans, or will WWE improve their booking? Both are likely to have an impact on the price of Hall of Fame wrestler rookie cards in the future. 

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