The Best Carlos Sainz Cards to Collect 

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Interested in the best Carlos Sainz cards to collect? Here’s a roundup with five of the best options for F1 collectors

Carlos Sainz Jr. has become a prominent name in the world of motorsports, particularly in Formula One. As a result, his trading cards have become highly coveted among collectors around the globe. The rarity and value of his cards have only increased over time, making them a highly sought-after addition to any motorsport trading card collection.

One of the main reasons why Carlos Sainz Jr. cards are so collectible is because of his impressive career in Formula One. He began his career with Toro Rosso before moving to Renault and then McLaren. His move to Ferrari for the 2021 season has only increased his popularity among fans and collectors alike. At the 2022 British Grand Prix, Sainz took his maiden Formula One pole position and career win.

In addition to his success on the track, the scarcity of Carlos Sainz Jr. trading cards is another reason for their collectability. There are relatively few trading cards produced featuring him, which makes each card much rarer than those of more established F1 drivers, driving up their value.

Furthermore, the designs of Carlos Sainz Jr. trading cards often feature stunning images of him in action, making them visually striking and appealing to collectors. Many of his cards also feature autographs or memorabilia, further increasing their value and appeal.

The Best Carlos Sainz Cards

We used the following criteria to come up with this list of the best Carlos Sainz Jr. cards:

  • Values: We’ve factored in for some of the most valuable Carlos Sainz Jr. cards on the market 
  • Rarity: Rarity will always have a role to play in terms of interest and pricing 
  • Popularity and branding: How popular is the brand, or the set itself?
  • Rookie cards: RCs are always going to sell for a premium, as the first ever cards to feature a driver 
  • Potential ROI: Arguably most important, can you expect a decent potential ROI if it’s a long-term hold? 

5. 2020 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 Carlos Sainz Jr. #DAP-ICS (eBay)

2020 Topps Dynasty is a debut F1 set for the high-end brand, offering a number of premium RCs featuring the likes of George Russell and Lando Norris. In truth, any of the Carlos Sainz Jr. patch autos are likely to be a solid investment, although the average collector is likely to be priced out. The same goes for any graded copies. As you can see, it comes with an on card auto, and a reasonably generous patch. 

Check prices of 2020 Topps Dynasty Formula 1 on eBay

4. 2022 Topps Chrome Formula 1 Carlos Sainz Jr. #30 (eBay)

2022 Topps Chrome Formula 1 Racing contains a total of 10 Carlos Sainz Jr. cards, from base copies to signed editions. This is one of the cheaper options, featuring a close-up shot of the F1 driver with his hands on his hips. Each of the cards come with a long list of numbered refractor parallels to chase, which are as follows:

  • Parallels: Base Refractor (1:3), B&W RayWave (1:4 Lite), Checker Flag (1 per box), Purple/Green (1:36), Gold/Purple (1:80), Orange/Red (1:100), Red/Green (1:190), Purple #/399, Mini Diamonds #/299, Purple Checker Flag #/199, Green #/99, Green RayWave #/99 (Lite), Pink #/75, Pink RayWave #/75 (Lite), Gold #/50, Gold Wave #/50, Gold Checker Flag #/50 (Hobby), Gold RayWave #/50 (Lite), Orange #/25, Orange Wave #/25, Orange Checker Flag #/25, Red #/5, Red Wave #/5, Red Checker Flag #/5 (Hobby), Red RayWave #/5 (Lite), Black RayWave 1/1 (Lite), SuperFractor 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1

Check prices of 2022 Topps Chrome Formula 1 F1 Carlos Sainz Jr. on eBay

3. 2022 Topps Chrome Formula 1 F1 Carlos Sainz Jr. #187 (eBay)

Sticking with the flagship 2022 Topps Chrome F1 release, the next Carlos Sainz card is found in the base collection. Don’t be fooled by the lack of a signature. The serial numbered parallels can work out to be some of the most valuable Carlos Sainz cards when all is said and done. Check out the one-of-one parallel seen above as a prime example. 

Check prices of 2022 Topps Chrome Formula 1 F1 Carlos Sainz Jr. on eBay

2. 2022 Topps Chrome Formula 1 F1 Carlos Sainz Jr. #CAC-CS (eBay)

For a signed option, look no further than the auto found in 2022 Topps Chrome F1. It’s a bit of a stiff image, and there’s a more valuable option found below. However, it’s still a signed card featuring one of the more popular racers in F1. 

Check prices of 2022 Topps Chrome Formula 1 F1 Carlos Sainz Jr. auto on eBay

1. 2021 Topps Chrome Formula 1 F1 Carlos Sainz Jr. #CACS (eBay)

The auto from 2021 Topps Chrome Formula 1 Racing takes the top spot, with a great posed image of Sainz with a finger raised. A set that features a strong collection of rookie racers, there are fewer Refractors to chase compared to 2022. The sticker auto is a slight letdown, but value is carried by the strength of the brand itself. If you’d prefer a cheaper option, you can check out the unsigned version, which shares a similar design.

Check prices of 2021 Topps Chrome Formula 1 F1 Carlos Sainz Jr. auto on eBay

Why are Carlos Sainz cards so valuable?

Carlos Sainz cards hold significant value for several reasons:

  1. Sporting Achievements: Carlos Sainz is a highly accomplished driver, known for his success in Formula One. His achievements have elevated his status in the motorsport world. As a result, his cards are highly sought after by fans and collectors who admire his skills and career accomplishments.
  2. Rarity and Scarcity: The value of Carlos Sainz cards is enhanced by their scarcity. Compared to mainstream sports like soccer or basketball, motorsport trading cards have a smaller market and a limited production run. Carlos Sainz cards, especially those featuring his autograph or rare inserts, are relatively harder to find, which increases their desirability and value among collectors.
  3. Fan Base and Demand: Carlos Sainz has a dedicated fan base that spans across different motorsport disciplines. Collectors who support Sainz or appreciate his driving skills are actively seeking his cards to add to their collections. The high demand from fans and collectors drives up the value of his cards in the market.
  4. Autographed and Limited Edition Cards: Carlos Sainz’s autographed cards, where he personally signs the card, are highly valued by collectors due to their uniqueness and authenticity. Limited edition cards, such as those featuring rare inserts or special designs, also contribute to their value. These special features make the cards stand out and become prized possessions for collectors.
  5. Future Potential: As Carlos Sainz’s career continues to unfold, his cards may appreciate in value over time. If he achieves further success in Formula One, the demand for his cards may increase, leading to an escalation in their value. This potential for future growth adds to their overall value and collectibility.

Overall, the combination of Carlos Sainz’s achievements, rarity, demand, special features, and future potential contributes to the high value of his trading cards in the collectors’ market.

Final Thoughts 

Carlos Sainz Jr. trading cards are highly collectible due to his impressive career in Formula One, the rarity of his cards, and their visually striking designs and special features. For fans of the sport and collectors alike, these cards are a must-have addition to any F1 collection.

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