The Best Chansey Cards to Collect: Top 3 

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What are the best Chansey cards to collect? Here’s a roundup with three of the greatest options ever. 

Often seen with Nurse Joy, Chansey isn’t the strongest Pokémon, or even the most popular. However, it’s the subject of a couple of extremely valuable cards released throughout the years. Since Generation IV, it evolves from Happiny. 

Having featured on 21 cards so far in the TCG, we’ve narrowed down this list to a trio of the best Chansey cards to collect.

The Best Chansey Cards

We’ve factored in the respective print runs, the overall rarity, current values, and popularity when putting together this list. 

3. 2003 Pokemon EX Ruby & Sapphire Chansey ex #3 (eBay)

The 2003 Pokemon EX Ruby & Sapphire expansion is where you’ll find the first Chansey card to collect. The shiny border design makes it stand out, while it uses a simple image of the Pokémon for the artwork. 

The set introduced Pokémon-ex, which are stronger than normal versions. Chansey ex is similar to the 1999 base set version, especially the amount of HP and the Double-Edge attack.

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2. 2001 Pokemon Promo Pokemon Center NY Black Star #40 (eBay)

The Pokémon Center is where you go to heal monsters after battle. (A Pokémon Center is also a retail store that sells official Pokémon merchandise.) This card was released as part of the New York Pokémon Center Grand Opening in 2001, and it was the first Pokémon Center outside of Japan.

This Black Star Promo is a Trainer card, but it does feature Chansey in the background. (However, the 3D Chansey model does look a bit strange on closer inspection.)

Regardless, it’s a rare Promo card released over 20 years ago, with a price tag to match. There were actually two NY Center promos, with #41 being the famous Lucky Stadium.

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1. 1999 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Chansey (eBay)

1999 1st Edition Pokemon cards are legendary amongst collectors.

The Chansey holo happens to be one of the most expensive cards from the original base set. The majority of value is derived from the white card background, which is especially susceptible to dings and will highlight any flaws. 

There are just 48 PSA 10 copies as of December 2022, with the last sale amounting to $27,412. If you’re looking for the rarest 1st Edition Shadowless base set cards, you’re going to struggle to find a more exclusive club than Gem Mint Chansey owners. 

Cheaper options include later prints, as well as looking at 1999 Chansey Pokémon cards in other languages. 

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Are Chansey cards popular?

Chansey cards are always going to be a bit of a strange one. 

The Pokemon design is basic. It looks like a pink egg holding a smaller egg. Chansey does have a large role to play in the anime and the games, but it’s far from a fan favorite. 

Chansey and Happiny have the lowest base Attack and Defense stats of all Pokémon. However, it’s a tank in competitive play thanks to lots of HP and high Special Defense.

The rarest cards sell for some of the highest amounts in the hobby, with low numbers of high grades driving interest and attention. 

Chansey Cards: Final Thoughts 

Sometimes, it’s not about the subject, and more about the card itself. The 1999 1st Edition Chansey is valuable because it’s one of the rarest from the original set, due to the white background designed to match the Pokemon type. In that sense, it could have been any other holo basic Pokemon. 

The 2001 Promo card is valuable because it was given away at a limited-time event. Chansey was chosen for the artwork because it’s always at the Pokémon Center. 

The why is one thing, but that hasn’t stopped prices from rising over the past decade. 

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