The Best Wizard Black Star Promos Pokémon Cards: Guide

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Former Pokémon card manufacturers Wizards of the Coast (WotC) produced numerous exclusive cards for promotional events over the years. 

They could be identified thanks to a black star with the word “PROMO” written where the expansion symbol would normally be found. They came to be known as the ‘Black Star Promos’.

Here’s everything you need to know about the top five Black Star Promos, in our guide looking at the very best options released over the years. 

The Rarest Wizard Black Star Promos Pokémon Cards

As you may have guessed, the rarest Black Star Promos were released way back in 2000-01, which is where we’ll begin with the first card to make the list. 

5. 2000 Pokémon Wizards Black Star Promo Mewtwo #14 (eBay)

Mewtwo was the star of the first Pokémon movie, and is still one of the more popular monsters from the original 151. 

There’s a 1999 promo version that was handed out with the purchase of a ticket for the theatrical release of Mewtwo Strikes Back in November 1999. Instead, we’re looking at the non-holo version, produced as part of the VHS/DVD release.

There’s an abundance of the 14th Black Star Promo card in the present as a consequence, with only PSA 10 copies expected to sell for over $100.

Check prices of 2000 Black Star Promos Mewtwo on eBay

4. 2000 Pokémon Wizards Black Star Promo _____’s Pikachu #24 (eBay)

The _____’s Pikachu was supposed to be filled in by the owner. It was available through a Wizards Mail Giveaway Campaign, which ran from September to November in 2000.

Due to a special attack which could be used on the owner’s birthday, the card was immediately banned by Wizards upon its release. It was the first holo US Pikachu. 

Expect to pay a premium for pristine graded copies.

Check prices of 2000 Black Star Promos Birthday Pikachu on eBay

3. 2001 Pokémon Wizards Black Star Promo Sabrina’s Abra #19 (eBay)

Sabrina is one of the trainers from the original game and anime, and her Abra is the 19th Black Star Promos card that was released by WotC. 

This promo came with the October 2000 edition of Nintendo Power magazine, so it’s another that shouldn’t be tough to pick up at lower prices. For example, PSA 9s have recently sold for roughly $50.

Check prices of 2001 Black Star Promos Sabrina’s Abra on eBay

2. 2001 Pokémon Wizards Black Star Promo Pokémon Center #40 (eBay)

In-universe, The Pokémon Center is where you go to heal monsters after battle. (A Pokémon Center is also a retail store that sells official Pokémon merchandise.)

This card was released as part of the New York Pokémon Center Grand Opening (November 2001), while it was the first Pokémon Center outside of Japan.

The card is a real collectors item, and that’s reflected in the high price tag. 

Check prices of 2001 Black Star Promos Pokémon Center on eBay

1. 2001 Pokémon Wizards Black Star Promo Lucky Stadium #41 (eBay)

The Lucky Stadium promo card is the most popular by a wide margin. As noted by Bulbapedia; 

“The lone promotional print outside Japan was released at the opening of Pokémon Center New York, illustrated by “Big Mama” Tagawa. This print remains English-exclusive.”

Expect to pay a premium price to add a copy to your collection. That’s whether it’s graded or not.

Check prices of 2001 Black Star Promos Lucky Stadium on eBay

Wizard Black Star Promos Pokémon: Buyers Guide 

WotC Black Star Promos are still popular on sites like eBay. We’ve put together a brief guide looking at the market if you’re interested in buying a card or two. 

The majority of WotC Black Star Promos can be found for affordable prices as long as you stay away from the cards produced to commemorate the New York Pokémon Center Grand Opening.

Without a doubt, it has to be the Lucky Stadium promo card. It sells for a premium compared to the others, and it’s the only English copy. All of the cards feature a stylized stadium, often related to the area in which the print was available, with at least one Pokémon in the image. The Lucky Stadium gets a combination of Pikachu and Charizard.

Wizard Black Star Promos Pokémon: Buying/Selling Advice

We are big fans of the Wizard Black Star Promo cards.

They offer a cheaper entry point than many of the more popular cards that came out during the turn of the millennium. WotC Black Star Promos are a great nostalgic hit for anyone who remembers their release in the early 2000’s. 

There are a couple of valuable options. The majority are cheap if you stay away from PSA 10 graded versions. 

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