The Best Charles Leclerc Cards to Collect

The Best Charles Leclerc Cards to Collect
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Charles Leclerc is one of the biggest names in F1, with 5 race wins and 20 pole positions as of August 2023. We’ve taken the chance to list three of the best Charles Leclerc cards on the market. 

Reports suggest that Charles Leclerc has committed his long-term future to Ferrari, and could stay with the team until 2029. The talented driver has made it his mission to win a Championship with Ferrari, and it’s not the most outlandish proposition. 

He made his F1 debut in 2018, notching his first win at the Belgian Grand Prix a year later. Leclerc came second in the 2022 World Drivers’ Championship standings.

Here’s a rundown with a trio of the best Charles Leclerc cards available on the market right now. 

Top Charles Leclerc Cards

The best card is fairly subjective, so here’s the criteria we used to come up with this list:

  • Values: We’ve factored in for some of the most valuable Charles Leclerc cards and autos on the market 
  • Rarity: Rarity will always have a role to play in terms of interest and pricing 
  • Popularity and branding: How popular is the brand, or the set itself?
  • Rookie cards: RCs are always going to sell for a premium, as the first ever cards to feature a racer 
  • Potential ROI: Arguably most important, can you expect a decent potential ROI if it’s a long-term hold? 

3. 2020 Topps Dynasty F1 Charles Leclerc #DAP-IICL

Considering every card to make the list can easily sell for four figures, we’ll get this high-end RPA out of the way first. Any of the signed Charles Leclerc patch cards found in 2020 Topps Dynasty F1 are a worthwhile option, offering low print runs and authentic memorabilia. However, despite the high price tag, relics aren’t from any specific race, event, or season. The card seen above sold for $1,990.85 in May 2023. 

2. 2020 Topps Chrome Formula 1 Charles Leclerc Auto #F1A-CL

Next up is 2020 Topps Chrome Formula 1 Racing. The debut release for the F1 collection, it contains various Charles Leclerc cards, including base copies and signed editions. The autographed Leclerc card seen above is a major hit. Limited to only 52 copies, even a PSA 7 grade sold for $1,758.76 in July 2023. Expect to pay more for a copy in flawless condition. 

1. 2020 Topps Chrome Formula 1 Sapphire Charles Leclerc #4

The Sapphire edition of 2020 Topps Chrome Formula 1 is a premium online-exclusive version of the 200-card base series discussed above. Autos and inserts weren’t given the Sapphire treatment, but that hasn’t stopped them from being some of the most valuable options altogether. 

For example, even without an autograph, a PSA 10 Gold parallel numbered to 50 copies sold for a flat $2,026 in July 2023. Base versions are a cheaper alternative. There’s also an image variation which shares the same card number, with Leclerc seated. 

Are Charles Leclerc cards worth collecting?

Many F1 cards are worth major money, and Leclerc’s best options are no exception. Long-term values will depend on whether he manages to win a Championship, even if it’s not with Ferrari. The majority of F1 collectors seem to think that he has what it takes, as evidenced by some of the higher prices for a racer who has yet to win anything other than a handful of races in F1. However, at the current time of writing he has achieved his third podium since the start of 2023. 

Charles Leclerc Cards: Final Thoughts 

Charles Leclerc has a strong selection of high-end Topps cards to chase, even if a four figure fee might place them out of reach for the average fan. 

There are also numerous cheaper cards featuring Leclerc if you’re just starting out with your collection. Topps Now F1 is always worth checking out in that respect. 

Of the trio of Leclerc cards mentioned above, the 2020 auto is my personal favourite, given the small print run of only 52 copies. The 2020 F1 set was the first ever Topps release, and it’s popular with many collectors for that reason. 

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