2021 Topps Now Formula 1 Racing cards

The Best 2021 Topps Now Formula 1 Racing Cards to Collect

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Collecting sports cards is a popular hobby that has reached new heights in recent years, extending beyond traditional team sports like football and baseball into the fast-paced world of Formula 1 racing. Topps, a reputable trading card company, has been at the forefront of this surge, particularly with their dynamic 2021 Topps Now Formula 1 series.

This series features cards from races as they occur during the season, making it a dynamic collection that reflects the excitement of each Grand Prix. Here are the best 2021 Topps Now Formula 1 Racing cards every fan and collector should consider:

1. 2021 Topps Now Formula 1 #1 Lewis Hamilton (eBay)

The set features a number of cards that commemorate the seven-time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton. The #1 card in the 2021 series captures Hamilton in his Mercedes race car during the Bahrain Grand Prix. Given Hamilton’s status as one of the greatest drivers in Formula 1 history, this card is a must-have for any collection. A rarer option is the foil #55 variation seen above, limited to 100 copies. 

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2. 2021 Topps Now Formula 1 #83 Max Verstappen (eBay)

Max Verstappen, the young Dutch driver for Red Bull Racing, has quickly become one of the top competitors in Formula 1. Card #2 from the 2021 Topps Now series showcases Verstappen’s maiden win of the season at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, making it a memorable piece of his racing career. However, the parallels found in later releases are also popular, like the #83 card seen above. 

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3. 2021 Topps Now Formula 1 #51 Lando Norris (eBay)

The #51 card in the 2021 Topps Now series celebrates Lando Norris’ performance at the Russian Grand Prix, where he finished first. Norris, a young British driver racing for McLaren, has shown impressive talent, making this card a unique piece of his budding career.

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4. 2021 Topps Now Formula 1 #16 Sebastian Vettel (eBay)

Four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel is featured in the #16 card of the 2021 Topps Now series. Capturing Vettel’s first season with Aston Martin, this card is significant not only for Vettel fans but also for those interested in the evolution of F1 teams and drivers.

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5. 2021 Topps Now Formula 1 #75 Fernando Alonso (eBay)

The #75 card pays homage to the return of Fernando Alonso, the two-time World Champion, to Formula 1 with the Alpine team. This card captures a momentous occasion, as Alonso returns after a two-year hiatus for a podium finish, adding to its value and appeal.

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2021 Topps Now F1 Racing Checklist

Here is a checklist for the 2021 Topps Now Formula 1 Racing set. 

You’ll also find the following parallels with selected cards: #/99, #/10, 1/1

1 Lewis Hamilton: New Record: Most laps led in the history of Formula 1 (PR=16,117)

2 Mick Schumacher RC: Debut race in F1 (PR=19,730)

3 Yuki Tsunoda RC: Picks up points in debut Formula 1 race (PR=17,586)

4 Max Verstappen: First win of the season (PR=7,899)

5 Lando Norris: Equals career best drive with podium finish (PR=7,755)

6 Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen & Valtteri Bottas: New Record: Most Recurring Podium Trio (PR=5,400)

7 Sergio Perez: Secures his best finish for Red Bull Racing Honda (PR=3,735)

8 Lewis Hamilton: New Record – First Driver To Record 100 Poles (PR=15,247)

9 Max Verstappen: 100 Starts For Red Bull Racing Honda (PR=6,930)

10 Max Verstappen: Wins In Monte Carlo for First Championship Lead (PR=8,598)

11 Lando Norris: Podium Finish in Gulf Livery (PR=4,914)

12 Carlos Sainz: First Podium for Scuderia Ferrari (PR=4,031)

13 Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team: Double Point Finish in Monte Carlo (PR=2,953)

14 Williams Racing: 750th Grand Prix For Iconic Team (PR=3,130)

15 Sergio Perez: Wins dramatic race in Baku (PR=4,498)

16 Sebastian Vettel: First Podium For Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team (PR=4,313)

17 Pierre Gasly: Seals first podium of 2021 (PR=2,906)

18 Yuki Tsunoda RC: Highest finish in debut F1 season (PR=3,364)

19 Jüri Vips: Double-Winner in F2’s 100th race (PR=3,176)

20 Max Verstappen: Late overtake seals thrilling victory (PR=3,691)

21 Red Bull Racing Honda: Three wins in a row (PR=2,565)

22 George Russell: Highest finish of the season so far (PR=2,531)

23 Max Verstappen: Biggest margin of victory since 2016 (PR=3,992)

24 Lewis Hamilton: Formula 1 record – Most second place finishes in F1 history (PR=3,771)

25 Valtteri Bottas: Into Top 10 of podium finishers (PR=2,395)

26 Charles Leclerc: Thrilling comeback from back of field (PR=3,088)

27 Max Verstappen: First career grand slam (PR=5,025)

28 George Russell: Secures Williams Racing’s first Q3 run since 2018 (PR=2,207)

29 Sergio Perez: 200 Formula1 starts (PR=2,133)

30 Lando Norris: Qualifies on the front row and finishes P3 (PR=3,795)

31 Fernando Alonso: Wins late battle to finish in the points (PR=2,107)

32 Lewis Hamilton: Ties for most victories at a single F1 event (PR=5,616)

33 Max Verstappen: Victory in first-ever Sprint qualifying (PR=4,512)

34 Charles Leclerc: First podium of 2021 (PR=2,285)

35 Antonio Giovinazzi: Career Milestone: 50 Starts In F1 (PR=2,250)

36 Formula 1: New Car For 2022 (PR=2,406)

37 Esteban Ocon: Career Milestone: First win in F1 (PR=3,678)

38 Fernando Alonso: Defensive masterclass (PR=2,549)

39 George Russell: First points for Williams Racing (PR=2,923)

40 Nicholas Latifi: Career Milestone: First points in F1 (PR=2,249)

41 Heavy Rain: The weather wins at Spa (PR=2,227)

42 George Russell: First podium after scintillating qualifying lap (PR=4,396)

43 Mick Schumacher RC: Races in Spa 30 years after his father’s debut (PR=3,697)

44 Lando Noris: 50th Formula 1 Race (PR=2,180)

45 Daniel Ricciardo: 200th Formula 1 Race (PR=2,127)

46 Sebastien Vettel: Shows huge class to check on Lando (PR=2,024)

47 Max Verstappen: Stunning victory at home Grand Prix (PR=3,900)

48 Lewis Hamilton: Podium at record 33rd circuit (PR=2,742)

49 Sergio Perez: Incredible drive from the back of the grid (PR=1,838)

50 Robert Kubica: Returns to F1 for one-off drive (PR=1,872)

51 Daniel Ricciardo: Wins first Grand Prix since 2018 (PR=2,655)

52 McLaren F1 Team: 1-2 finish ends 170 race win drought (PR=4,504)

53 Valtteri Bottas: Wins second-ever Sprint Race (PR=1,583)

54 Lance Stroll: Highest finish in 2021 so far (PR=1,513)

55 Lewis Hamilton – F1 Record: First driver to win 100 races (PR=20,945)

55 Lewis Hamilton Foil Image Variation (100 copies) 

56 Lewis Hamilton – F1 Record: First driver to score 4,000 points (PR=9,631)

57 Lewis Hamilton: Stunning victory in Sochi (PR=4,553)

58 Lando Norris: Maiden pole in F1 (PR=4,756)

59 Carlos Sainz: First front row start in F1 (PR=2,713)

60 Dennis Hauger: FIA Formula 3 Champion (PR=4,770)

61 Valterri Bottas: Takes first win of 2021 with flawless performance (PR=1,691)

62 Red Bull Racing Honda: Double podium in Honda tribute (PR=2,188)

63 Carlos Sainz: Named Driver of the Day after 11-place comeback (PR=1,700)

64 Max Verstappen: Victory after gripping duel with Hamilton (PR=2,234)

65 Red Bull Racing Honda: 200th F1 Podium (PR=1,876)

66 Carlos Sainz: Tenth consecutive points finish (PR=1,512)

67 Sebastian Vettel: Points finish after excellent drive (PR=1,507)

68 Sergio Perez: First Mexican to take podium on home soil (PR=3,130)

69 Max Verstappen: Seizes lead in first lap drama (PR=1,869)

70 Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN: Best team finish of the season so far (PR=1,500)

71 Valterri Bottas: Receives Fangio Award for qualifying masterclass (PR=1,818)

72 Lewis Hamilton: Outstanding fightback to seal victory (PR=5,231)

73 Valterri Bottas: Back-To-Back Sprint Victories (PR=2,139)

74 Lewis Hamilton: Lights to flag victory in the inaugural Qatar Grand Prix (PR=4,755)

75 Fernando Alonso: First Podium since Hungary 2014 (PR=3,101)

76 McLaren F1 Team: Compete in their 900th Grand Prix (PR=1,878)

77 Lance Stroll: Highest finish of 2021 (PR=1,764)

78 Lewis Hamilton/Max Verstappen: 369.5 points each – One race to go… (PR=26,375)

79 Valtteri Bottas – Podium on 100th start for Mercedes (PR=2,089)

80 Max Verstappen 2021 FIA F1 Driver’s World Champion (PR=29,562)

80 Max Verstappen Foil Parallel (33 copies)

81 Max Verstappen: The final lap overtake (PR=7,642)

82 Max Verstappen: Crosses the finish line (PR=4,905)

83 Max Verstappen: Celebrating with the team (PR=5,978)

84 Max Verstappen: Where it all began (PR=8,083)

85 Red Bull Racing Honda: Secure the 2021 FIA F1 Driver’s World Championship (PR=4,889)

86 Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team: Win the 2021 FIA F1 Constructors World Championship (PR=3,273)

87 Kimi Raikkonen: Farewell to the Iceman (PR=4,819)

88 Yuki Tsunoda RC: Highest finish of rookie season (PR=3,710)

89 Oscar Piastri RC: FIA Formula 2 Champion (PR=6,929)

What to look for:

When collecting the best 2021 Topps Now Formula 1 cards, consider the following:

Condition: A card’s condition is paramount in determining its value. Cards in mint or near-mint condition are always more valuable than those with visible signs of wear.

Rarity: Cards that are limited edition or that commemorate significant events, such as a driver’s first win or return to the sport, are generally more sought-after due to their scarcity.

Historical Significance: Cards that capture memorable moments, like a thrilling victory or a major career milestone, are often more appealing to collectors.

Authentication: Be sure to verify the authenticity of any card you’re considering buying, especially if it’s a high-value card. Reputable sellers will provide a certificate of authenticity.

The Best 2021 Topps Now Formula 1 Racing cards: Summary 

The joy of card collecting lies in the connection to the sport, the drivers, and the unforgettable moments that make each season thrilling. Whether you’re a dedicated fan of a particular driver or a general Formula 1 enthusiast, the best 2021 Topps Now Formula 1 Racing cards represent significant moments from an exciting season.

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