The Best Jynx Pokemon Cards to Collect

Best Jynx Pokemon Cards
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Jynx, one of the original 151 Pokémon, has always been a character of interest to fans and collectors alike. The Psychic/Ice-type Pokémon has featured in a variety of sets since Pokémon’s trading card game launched. Here are some of the standout Jynx cards that have been released over the years, along with insights into their value and appeal.

1. Jynx Base Set (1999) (eBay)

The original Jynx card, number 31/102, from the inaugural Base Set, holds significant nostalgic value for collectors. This card features a playful artwork of Jynx in Ken Sugimori’s iconic style. While it might not be the most expensive card due to its common rarity, it certainly holds sentimental value for those who started collecting during the TCG’s early days.

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2. Jynx Aquapolis (2003) (eBay)

The Aquapolis Jynx card is a unique representation of the Pokémon. It features Jynx in an action pose, showing off its psychic abilities. The reverse holographic version of this card is particularly appealing to collectors, thanks to its captivating artwork by Kouki Saitou and relatively limited availability.

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3. Jynx Legendary Collection (2002) (eBay)​​

Jynx features in the Legendary Collection, using the same image seen in the 1999 base set. The reverse holofoil design helps it to stand out, and makes it another solid choice for fans of the original collection. 

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Jynx in the Pokémon Franchise

Jynx, known as Rougela in Japan, is a dual-type Psychic/Ice Pokémon first introduced in Generation I. The character is known for its human-like appearance, a trait that is unique among the original 151 Pokémon. Jynx is portrayed as a female-only species, characterized by its purple skin, large eyes, and a dress-like body. It’s known for its rhythmic dancing, which is used to cast spells in the Pokémon universe.

The Controversy Surrounding Jynx

Jynx has been the subject of controversy due to its original design. When Pokémon first became popular in the West, cultural critics pointed out that Jynx’s design bore a problematic resemblance to a form of theatrical makeup used predominantly by non-black performers to represent a caricature of a black person, which is considered racist. This led to discussions about racial insensitivity in the media and prompted Nintendo and Game Freak to revise Jynx’s design.

In response to the controversy, the companies changed Jynx’s face color to purple in the anime and later in the trading card game. This redesigned version of Jynx has been used in all official Pokémon media since.

Jynx in the Trading Card Game

Despite the controversy, Jynx has maintained a presence in the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG). Its cards are known for their whimsical and energetic depictions of the Pokémon. While Jynx’s cards might not hold significant financial value compared to heavy-hitters like Charizard or Blastoise, they have a nostalgic and unique charm that appeals to many collectors.

Jynx cards are also popular among collectors who aim to complete sets or those who enjoy the Pokémon’s quirky design. The character’s rich history in the franchise, the redesign, and the varying interpretations of Jynx across different card sets contribute to its interesting narrative in the Pokémon TCG universe.

The Future of Jynx in Pokémon TCG

Looking ahead, it’s possible that Jynx may get more attention in the card game, either through special edition releases or alternate art versions, which have become popular in recent sets. As Pokémon TCG continues to evolve, fans and collectors will undoubtedly be interested in how Jynx, as well as other Pokémon with a complex history, will be represented in future releases.

Regardless of its controversial past, Jynx remains an iconic part of the original Pokémon lineup. Its unique aesthetic and notable backstory add depth to the rich tapestry of the Pokémon franchise and the trading card game.


In terms of competitive play, Jynx cards typically haven’t found a firm footing. The Pokémon’s low HP and usually lower-damage attacks make it a less popular choice for the competitive Pokémon TCG player. However, the Psychic/Ice typing and unique abilities of Jynx make it an interesting option for casual play and theme deck building.

For those collecting for love of the game and the art, Jynx cards offer a range of artwork styles and interpretations of this distinctive Pokémon. While Jynx might not have the high-dollar demand of some of the more famous Pokémon like Charizard or Pikachu, each card offers a glimpse into the creative processes behind the Pokémon TCG’s long-running success.

Despite some controversy surrounding its design, Jynx remains a beloved character for many fans. Its unique traits and often overlooked status can make collecting Jynx cards a fun side project for any Pokémon enthusiast.

As Pokémon continues to release new sets and explore different artistic styles, it will be interesting to see how Jynx is depicted in future cards. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a fan of the franchise, Jynx cards offer a diverse range of options that reflect the evolution of the Pokémon TCG. From the Base Set to Aquapolis, each Jynx card provides its unique charm, making it a Pokémon worth considering for your collection.

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