The Top 5 Most Valuable Ninetales Pokémon Cards

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Ninetales is a Fire type Pokémon, is known for its elegance and mystique. A prominent figure since Generation I, Ninetales has been depicted in a variety of stunning cards. Whether you are a hardcore Pokémon card enthusiast, a casual fan, or a competitive player, Ninetales cards are worth considering for your collection. Here, we break down some of the best Ninetales cards to help you make your decision.

Here’s a rundown with five of the best Ninetales Pokémon cards produced over the years, along with discussing their investment potential. 

The Best Ninetales Pokémon Cards

The best Ninetales card is subjective, so we’ve factored in for values and rarity when compiling this list of the top five options overall. 

5. 2002 Pokemon Expedition Ninetales Holo #21 (eBay)

First up is the 2002 Pokémon Expeditions Ninetales. This card holds a special place in many collectors’ hearts for its unique artwork and design. The card captures Ninetales in an unusual, dynamic pose, and is an example of the kind of unique and engaging artwork that has made Pokémon cards so beloved among fans worldwide. It’s still fairly cheap as of 2023. 

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4. 1995 Pokémon Japanese Topsun Ninetales #38 (eBay)

As our extensive review of the Japanese Topsun set notes; 

“In terms of the earliest Pokémon cards, the 1999 set tends to be seen as the original by most fans. However, Topsun cards are slabbed as a 1995 set, while it was originally given away with gum, having been produced by Top-Seika in Japan. (In fact, they were produced in 1997 by all accounts.)”

This Ninetales card is a coveted collectible, with a trio of versions to look out for. Blue Back Topsun cards hold significant value over their Green Back siblings that were printed after. You can see an example in the image above. 

Even rarer is the elusive No Number variant of the cards that are missing the card number in the upper left-hand corner. 

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3. 2003 Pokemon Aquapolis Ninetales #H19 (eBay

A beautiful example of Ninetales, this Aquapolis card stands out due to its distinct design and powerful attacks. This makes it a favorite among players and collectors alike. As it’s a Holo card, it can be tough to track down in pristine condition 20 years after its initial release. 

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2. 1999 Pokemon Base Set 1st Edition Shadowless Ninetales #12 (eBay)

No Ninetales card review would be complete without mentioning the original Base Set Ninetales. As one of the inaugural Ninetales cards, this Fire-type Pokémon from the original 102-card series is highly sought after by collectors. Its sleek holographic design and classic artwork are a nostalgic nod to the origins of Pokémon card collecting. You’ll see a Shadowless version in the image above. 

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1. 1999 Pokemon Base Set 1st Edition Missing Attack Ninetales #12 (eBay)

Sticking with the original Base Set Ninetales, this rare edition is missing a value next to the Fire Blast attack, making it one of the more interesting error cards from the original 1999 collection. It rarely appears on the market, especially if you’re looking for graded copies. 

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The Top 5 Ninetales Pokémon Cards: Buyers Guide 

Here’s what we think of the current state of the market for graded Ninetales cards, including whether they’re worth picking up midway through 2023. 

The Best Cheap Ninetales Pokémon Cards

The majority of Ninetales Pokemon cards to make the list are fairly inexpensive, as long as you stay away from pristine graded versions. We’d stick with the 1999 card, given it’s a nostalgic hit for many collectors. 

The Best Ninetales Pokémon Card

There are rare cards from 1997, or Japanese promo versions which are fairly valuable. If you are interested in vintage options, we’d stick with graded Pokémon cards to ensure you won’t pick up a fake or reprint passing for the real thing. 

The Best Ninetales Pokémon Cards: Buying/Selling Advice 

Each Ninetales card brings something unique to the table, whether it’s nostalgic artwork, powerful gameplay potential, or beautiful design elements. While this is by no means an exhaustive list of Ninetales cards, it serves as a good starting point for those interested in adding this Pokémon to their collection.

Remember, the best card for you will depend on your personal preferences, whether you’re a collector drawn to specific artwork or a player looking for powerful attacks and abilities. Regardless, Ninetales is a Pokémon that is sure to enhance any collection or deck.

Pokémon cards continue to increase in value, with Ninetales being no exception. Its popularity has continued into the present day, even if it lags behind the likes of Pikachu ever so slightly. Rare versions like the Missing Attack card do help it to stand out from the crowd. 

It might not get as much attention as a collection of Charizard cards, but Ninetales is still a great original Fire Pokémon when all is said and done. 

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