The Best Lugia Pokémon Cards: Guide, and Buying/Selling Advice 

The legendary Lugia is a Pokémon introduced in Generation 2, going so far as to be included on the box art for the Silver version of the 1999 role-playing game.

Lugia was created by Takeshi Shudo for the second movie, and it’s the master of the three legendary bird Pokémon of Kanto.

It’s mythical status was confirmed as Lugia is also one of the rarest Pokémon cards in existence when looking at the 2000 Pokemon Neo Genesis release. 

Here’s everything you could possibly need to know about the best Lugia Pokémon cards, as well as investment advice if you’re looking to buy or sell a copy or two in the near future. 

The Best Lugia Pokémon Cards

Generally, the earlier the better when looking at valuable Pokémon cards, and the same goes for Lugia. 

5. 2001 Pokemon Japanese Meiji Promo Silver Foil Lugia

Meiji promo cards are made by the Japanese chocolate company, featuring many of the best Pokémon over a series of seven sets released between 1997 and 2002. 

The 2001 Silver Series might not be a TCG card, but it features a great image of Lugia wrapped in silver foil. 

It’s tough to locate at higher grades because of the foil finish, while there are only 12 PSA 10 copies according to the registry

4. 2006 Pokemon Japanese Promo 4th Season Subscription Holo Lugia Ex #031

PLAY cards are a series of Japanese promotional cards released exclusively through the Pokémon Players Club. 

Lugia is found in the fourth season subscription set, looking every bit as mythical as you might have expected. As an EX card, it’s a variant on the base Lugia, with the holo foil breaking past the border line. 

Unlike the others, the background is purple like a psychic Pokémon, rather than the white seen elsewhere on this list. Meanwhile, the text is in Japanese, and there’s no English version. 

3. 2003 Pokemon Aquapolis Holo Lugia #149

The Holo Lugia seen in the 2003 Pokémon Aquapolis set is a great budget-friendly alternative to the 2000 Neo Genesis release. 

(Aquapolis is the name given to the second main expansion of cards, released in 2002 in Japan, and 2003 for English versions.)

This card perfectly illustrates the growing market for older Pokémon collectibles. A PSA 10 version would sell for roughly $1,000 back in 2019. That price has jumped to roughly $10,000 in more recent months. 

2. 2002 Japanese 1st Edition Wind From the Sea Holo Lugia #90

Do you notice any similarities with the card seen above? 

The ‘Wind From the Sea’ is the Japanese name for the Aquapolis set, so this version of Lugia was released a year earlier, in 2002. 

This makes for one of the earliest Lugia Pokémon cards, even if it only sells for roughly a third of the price of the English version. 

(There’s a significantly larger market for English cards, which is the reason behind the price increase.)

1. 2000 Pokemon Neo Genesis 1st Edition Holo Lugia #9

The key to the Neo Genesis set has to be the 1st Edition Holo Lugia, which is one of the rarest Pokémon cards overall. 

It was released only a year after the original 1999 set, with the unique colouring leading to numerous condition-related issues. 

(Essentially, the white card stock is prone to showing any minor flaws to a much higher degree than other colours.) 

The mixture of an exceedingly rare Pokémon, the age, and the surface issues make it one of the best cards overall, worthy of any collection. 

Lugia Pokémon Cards: Buyers Guide 

Lugia might not be as popular as Pokémon from the original 151, but it’s the next best thing when considering it’s reputation with collectors as well as the overall rarity. 

The Best Cheap Lugia Pokémon Cards

Either the 2001 Meiji promo card or the 2003 Aquapolis holo Lugia are ideal for investments on a tighter budget. (The same goes for Japanese versions which sell for a fraction of the price.)

The Best Lugia Pokémon Investment Card

The original 2000 Neo Genesis Lugia is comparable to many of the original holo cards in terms of prestige and value. 

It’s our personal pick as the best Lugia card overall, especially in terms of the potential to make profit in the future. 

Lugia Pokémon Cards: Buying/Selling Advice 

A slight step down from the likes of Charizard, Lugia is still a Pokémon which is worth keeping an eye on from an investment perspective. 

That’s mostly due to the fact that it’s nigh impossible to find a gem mint copy, with only 43 having achieved a PSA 10 grade at the current time of writing. 

It’s also a powerful, popular Pokémon, and has to be seen as one of the safer options from the trading card game. 

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