The Best Sergio Aguero Rookie Cards to Collect 

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One of the most prolific strikers the Premier League has ever seen, we’re taking the opportunity to check out some of the best Sergio Aguero rookie cards and stickers on the market. 

Manchester City’s all-time top goalscorer, Sergio Aguero is indisputably one of the most talented forwards of his generation. He’s the scorer of the most famous goal in Premier League history, and helped to turn the Citizens into a real force domestically. 

Having retired in 2021 due to a heart condition, he snagged a winners medal at the 2022 World Cup with Argentina after enrolling as an assistant coach. Let’s check out five of his best early cards and stickers. 

The Best Sergio Aguero Rookie Cards

There are heaps of options from 2006, as well as a valuable release a year earlier. 

5. 2006 Mundicromo Las Fichas Sergio Aguero RC #762 (eBay)

2006 Mundicromo Las Fichas De Liga is a simple set that contains a variety of early Aguero cards. It also contains another image of the player on the reverse, looking especially young in a close-up shot. 

The reverse of the 2006 Mundicromo Las Fichas De Liga Aguero card. 

Aguero made his name with Atlético Madrid in Europe, and it’s where you’ll find the majority of his early options. There’s also a few hand-signed copies, autographed in later years by the player. 

4. 2006-07 Panini WCCF Sergio Aguero RC International Clubs #334 / Young Star #YGS2 (eBay)

There are a duo of 2006-07 Panini WCCF Sergio Aguero cards that can be seen above, in the International Clubs and Young Star subsets respectively. 

World Club Champion Football is a Japanese release that is reasonably obscure. As a fairly unknown release worldwide, the cards are still relatively cheap, even if you’re looking at the Refractor seen in the second image. Both cards use a different action shot of Aguero in an Atlético Madrid kit.  

3. 2006 Panini Mega Cracks Sergio Aguero RC #442 (eBay

One of the crisper images you’re likely to find, the famous 2006 Panini Mega Cracks set features Kun performing kick-ups in an empty stadium. The full-bleed design helps the image to pop, and it uses a tab on the left hand side. If you’re looking for the most valuable option from the 2006-07 Aguero cards and stickers, this has a good chance of being the one. 

The lack of a traditional border is one of the reasons why, making it tough to find in higher grades. 

2. 2006 Panini Stickers Colecciones Este Sergio Aguero RC #39 (eBay)

Likely from the same photoshoot seen above, the Colecciones Este La Liga Sergio Aguero sticker is another 2006 option. This time, it features a second profile shot of the striker, while his head and the ball poke out of the border. A PSA 10 copy sold for less than $50 recently, so it’s your best bet if you’re looking for cheaper Gem Mint cards.

1. 2005 Panini Clausura Argentina Sergio Aguero RC #62 (eBay)

The true Sergio Aguero rookie release, this 2005 Panini Clausura sticker came out a year before the others mentioned above. It’s fairly obvious, given Kun is wearing an Independiente kit, and had yet to leave Argentina for Atlético Madrid. A simple sticker, that hasn’t stopped it from being the most popular option overall. That’s reflected in the overall asking price, which goes up rapidly if you’re looking at higher grades. 

However, there’s no denying that the photo chosen isn’t the greatest, while it has a thick border and an uninspired design. Regardless, this is the one to collect. 

Sergio Aguero Rookie Cards: Final Thoughts 

Aguero had his career cut short unexpectedly, but still leaves the game as one of the more respected players from his era. 

The 2005 sticker is the best early option as his true RC, with 2006 Panini Mega Cracks offering a great alternative for Atlético fans. Then there are the various international cards with Argentina, such as his World Cup rookie

You’ll also be able to find Aguero streaming on Twitch every so often. 

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