What Are The Best Brock Lesnar Cards to Collect? 

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Brock Lesnar cards can sell for high sums if you’re looking at pristine autos or rare parallels. A legend in wrestling and MMA, we’ve taken the chance to provide you with a roundup of the best Brock Lesnar cards to collect. 

He’s the only person to have won all of the primary heavyweight championships in WWE, Ultimate Fighting Championship, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Here are five of the best Brock Lesnar cards to collect, in a range of multiple sports. 

The Best Brock Lesnar Cards

We’ve mixed in some more recent options with a few classic cards when coming up with this list, including cards from the UFC, WWE, WWF, and the NFL.

Panini Select WWE Wrestling is a new release for the organization in 2022, featuring the traditional multi-tiered base set and a range of Lesnar autographs to chase. The autos also come with numbered Prizm parallels, such as the Gold card seen above. 

It’s a great place to start if you’re looking for a more recent Brock Lesnar WWE auto to add to your collection. Expect to pay a higher price for graded copies. 

  • Parallels: Flash, Tie-Dye #/25, Gold #/10, Gold Flash #/10, Black 1/1, Black Flash 1/1

If you’d prefer a card from his time in the octagon, 2022 Panini Prizm UFC is the first time Lesnar has been given the chromium treatment, as he was missing from the 2021 set. As well as the base card seen above, an auto can be found in the Champion Signatures subset. 

Values for the base edition begin to rise rapidly if you’re looking at the lower numbered parallels. 

  • Prizm Parallels: Green, Hyper, Ice, Pink Ice, Ruby Wave, Silver, White Sparkle, Red #/299, Blue #/199, Purple #/149, Orange #/99, Teal #/49, Pink Pulsar #/42, Green Pulsar #/25, Mojo #/25, Gold #/10, Lucky Envelopes #/8, Octagon #/8, Blue Shimmer FOTL #/7, Gold Shimmer FOTL #/5, Black 1/1, Black Shimmer FOTL 1/1


Lesnar is imposing as ever in his WWE gear, as one of only 10 cards from the collection. Make no mistake, this is one of the most valuable cards on this list, even without a serial number.

Once again, pristine graded copies will sell for a premium. It’s another piece of sporting history, featuring Lesnar during his brief stint as a defensive end. 

As a mass produced card from two decades ago, only flawless copies hold any real value today. However, it’s arguably the best place to start any collection of the best Brock Lesnar cards. 

Brock Lesnar Cards: Wrestling or MMA?

Personally, I’d stick with MMA, given it’s a legitimate organization in which Lesnar had to fight for real. 

You’ll be able to find Lesnar cards in modern football products, such as his auto in 2022 Spectra. Here’s another card found in 2021 Prizm Football:

Brock Lesnar Cards: Final Thoughts 

Whether it’s MMA, wrestling, or football, Lesnar is a one-of-a-kind athlete. He has fans in multiple sports, and a heap of valuable cards to collect. It’s easy to see why prices begin to rise when you’re looking at the rarest options released over the past 20 years. 

It’s fair to say that he was fearsome in his prime, and has real mass appeal after successfully transitioning from wrestling to MMA, with a passing stint in the NFL in between. 

For now, Lesnar is likely to be used as an attraction in wrestling, as he’s still able to draw a big audience due to his reputation as a monster. 

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