The Best Conor McGregor Cards: Guide & Advice 

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Conor McGregor is still the biggest name in MMA by a wide margin, even if he’s more likely to make the news for an ill-timed tweet in recent years. 

‘The Notorious’ held both the Cage Warriors Featherweight and Lightweight Championships in 2012, and did the same in the UFC after defeating Eddie Alvarez for the Lightweight Championship in 2016. 

He then tried his hand at boxing, losing via TKO to Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. 

In terms of popularity, McGregor is the biggest pay-per-view draw in MMA history, having headlined four out of the six highest-selling UFC PPV events.

Here’s a rundown with five of the best Conor McGregor cards available on the market right now.

The Best Conor McGregor Cards

There’s lots of interest in a range of McGregor cards, so you won’t have to stick with his earliest options. 

5. 2021 Panini Prizm UFC Conor McGregor #30 (eBay)

We begin with the end, or rather the present. The 2021 Panini Prizm UFC collection is one of the latest releases to feature the stars of the octagon, with a strong base set that includes McGregor. 

The fighter is shown in a great action shot that shows him loose and ready to go, with one arm held behind his back. 

Expect to see high prices if you’re looking at rare Refractor parallels. 

Parallels: Silver, Green, White Sparkle, Red #/275, Blue #/199, Purple #/149, Premium Box Set #/99, Orange #/99, Neon Green #/75, Teal #/49, Pink Pulsar #/42, Green Pulsar #/25, Mojo #/25, Gold #/10, Lucky Envelopes #/8, Octagon #/8, Black 1/1

4. 2021 Panini Prizm UFC Color Blast Conor McGregor #15 (eBay)

This popular Color Blast insert is included in the 2021 Panini Prizm UFC collection, with 20 fighters given the treatment. 

Color Blast cards are some of the more interesting recent releases, with a unique coloured background set against an image of the athlete doing what they do best.

In this case, McGregor is throwing a straight left straight towards the sky. 

Despite being released so recently, it has quickly become one of his most coveted cards. 

3. 2017 Topps UFC Chrome Conor McGregor #FACM (eBay)

A great signed McGregor card featuring the fighter holding an Ireland flag, look no further than the 2017 Topps UFC Chrome set for another solid option. 

The addition of an autograph and a range of rare parallels is enough to make it one of the more interesting cards to make the list, even if the signature is of the stickered variety. 

2017 was a long time ago in the fight game, and a year before McGregor’s infamous loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov

Expect to pay top dollar for a graded parallel version. 

Parallels: Hot Box Refractor (1 per case), Green Refractor #/99, Gold Refractor #/25, Orange Refractor #/25, Black Refractor #/10, Red Refractor #/5, SuperFractor 1/1

2. 2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines Conor McGregor RC #CM (eBay)

A 2013 RC, the Topps UFC Bloodlines set is supposed to mimic the design of a passport. As such, it has lots of information on the front of the card, along with an Ireland flag behind an image of McGregor.

Fans will note that there’s no chest tattoo, while the fighter was still a rookie featherweight so he looks tiny compared to the fighter we all know today. 

It’s a classic McGregor rookie card, and is only matched by the card found below.

Parallels: Black #/88, Ruby Red #/8, Platinum 1/1

1. 2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines Conor McGregor RC #139/2013 Topps UFC Bloodlines Conor McGregor RC #FACM (eBay)

The final cards to make the list are a couple of RCs from 2013. 

Again, we’re looking at the Topps Bloodlines set, which contains a rare McGregor rookie that shows the fighter teeing off against Marcus Brimage. 

There’s also a signed version, which features a ‘1st Autograph’ logo in the top right corner. 

Along with the insert seen above, the trio of Bloodlines RCs are some of the best vintage McGregor cards on the market. 

  • Parallels: Flag #/188, Black #/88, Ruby Red #/8, Platinum 1/1
  • Signed Parallels: Red Ink Nickname #/15, Ruby Red #/8, Platinum 1/1

Conor McGregor Cards: Buyers Guide 

McGregor is unlikely to have another title run, unless he channels Ronda Rousey and joins WWE. 

That doesn’t diminish his impact on the sport, or the value of his best cards for fans. After all, Father Time is still undefeated. 

The Best Cheap Conor McGregor Cards

Ungraded versions of his 2021 Prizm card should be reasonably affordable, if you stay away from the rarest refractors. 

Such is his star power, it’s hard to find any decent Topps/Panini cards under the $100 range. You could also check out SGC graded cards, as they tend to be the cheapest overall.

The Best Conor McGregor Investment Card

Without a doubt, it has to be his signed RC from the Bloodlines collection. 

I’ve written about cards for a few years, and collected them for many more. There’s nothing better than a signed RC, especially one that comes with a trio of rare parallels.  

We think prices will shoot through the roof if and when McGregor decides to retire for good

Conor McGregor Cards: Buying/Selling Advice 

Despite Dustin Piorier’s best efforts, McGregor is still his own worst enemy. He’s been on a massive slide since losing to Khabib, and it feels like he’s playing a character at times. 

The current iteration of McGregor is still a good fighter, but I’d be more worried about issues outside of the octagon if you’re buying his cards as a long-term investment. Take this NY Times roundup, as they discussed an Irish lawsuit and rape allegations; 

“In March 2019, McGregor was arrested in Miami Beach and accused of breaking a man’s phone. The case was dropped, as was a lawsuit after McGregor and the man reached a settlement out of court. In November 2019, McGregor pleaded guilty to assault in Ireland after he punched a man in a pub.”

If he carries on getting in trouble with the law, it could have a serious impact on his card prices in the future. 

Sure, he’s still the face of MMA. Regardless, it’s still a riskier bet than it needs to be. 

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