What Are The Best Dragon Ball Goku Cards? 

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There’s been a massive uptick in interest for the best Dragon Ball cards in recent years, with Goku leading the charge. The face of the franchise, it’s no surprise to learn that Son Goku cards are some of the most valuable options overall. 

Dragon Ball cards have been around since the turn of the millennium, and Son Goku has always been a major character in the series. In fact, the anime follows his family through a variety of sagas, and Goku always tends to come in clutch towards the end. 

Also known as Kakarot, he was sent to Earth to destroy it, but eventually became its greatest protector. 

Let’s take a look at a trio of the best ever Goku cards that have been committed to cardboard. 

The Best Dragon Ball Goku Cards

Here’s a trio of valuable Goku cards to look out for. We’ve included a vintage option, alongside two more recent releases. 

3. 2001 Score Dragonball Z Goku, The All Powerful (eBay)

Released over two decades ago, we’ll begin with 2001 Score Dragon Ball Z Cell Saga

Produced by Score Entertainment, it was their first-ever set, and the first to feature Z fighters in the United States. Any of the foil Goku cards from the set are worth a tidy sum if they’re in decent condition. Lower grades are a great place to start your collection. 

There’s also a few non-foil Goku cards which can be found for next to nothing on sites like eBay.

Check prices of 2003 Score Dragonball Z Goku, The All Powerful on eBay

2. 2018 Tournament of Power Son Goku, Hope of Universe 7 (SPR) (eBay)

Produced in 2018, Tournament of Power was the fourth Dragon Ball Super set released by Bandai. These SPR cards were inserted at a rate of four per case. They also feature facsimile signatures of the English voice actors at the top. (Goku took out the most competitors with 16 eliminations.)

Given the rarity and the subject, it’s no surprise to learn that Gem Mint PSA 10 graded copies will sell for at least $1,200. 

Check prices of Son Goku, Hope of Universe 7 (SPR) on eBay

1. 2018 Tournament of Power Son Goku, The Awakened Power (eBay)

The Awakened Power single is the most powerful Dragon Ball card from the Tournament of Power collection. With a power rating of 45,000, it’s an instant one hit KO. 

It’s definitely over 9000.

It has an estimated print run of 300-500, it’s exceptionally elusive, and it’s seen as the holy grail for many DBZ card collectors.

The pull rate for ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’ is believed to be 0.34% from a booster pack and 8.3% from a booster box. PSA 10 copies sell for over $3,000 as of December 2022.

Check prices of Son Goku, The Awakened Power on eBay

Why Are Dragon Ball Goku Cards So Valuable?

It’s Goku. Arguably the strongest being in a series packed with demigods, he tends to get the job done when all else fails. His Super Saiyan form is instantly recognizable, and he’s a pop-culture icon. 

DBZ was ridiculously popular when I was a kid. 20 years on, many fans are now old enough to have enough disposable income to justify collecting nostalgic cards from their childhood. 

Dragon Ball Goku Cards: Final Thoughts 

If you’re looking at some of the older Goku cards, you’ll probably have to pay four figures to snag a flawless copy. The same can’t be said for ungraded versions, so there’s something for everyone. Even the Awakened Power card can be found for under $1,000, if you look at 9 grades rather than 10’s. 

Dragon Ball is still as popular as it was back in the 2000’s, with the benefit of improved stories, less filler, video games, and the ability to stream the show from almost anywhere in the world. We can’t see the cards slipping out of public consciousness anytime soon. 

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