The Best Final Fantasy VII Cards Ever

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Despite the best efforts of Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII is still one of the more enduring franchises within the world of gaming. 

Final Fantasy VII is a great game to build a card set around. It’s packed full of iconic characters, and there’s a large number of fans of the series. I’m old enough to remember the original release back in 1997, and how it changed gaming in the PS1 era. 

Final Fantasy Opus cards have been coming out since 2016, so here’s a rundown with five of the best FFVII cards to collect.

The Best Final Fantasy 7 Cards

Final Fantasy 7 cards can be found in the various Opus TCG Collections that have been released since 2016. Opus cards feature characters from all of the main games. If you know your Biggs from your Wedge, the characters in each Opus are instantly recognisable. Let’s get started with five top options featuring FF7 characters. 

5. 2019 Final Fantasy Promos Cloud #44 (eBay)

The winged version of Cloud Strife is the first card to make the list. A box topper found with the Final Fantasy TCG Opus 8 (VIII) collection, you can see a set being opened in this YouTube video. It’s fairly abundant given the method of distribution, but it’s still far rarer than any of the cards inside packs. 

It’s not my favourite design of Cloud, but there’s a solid market for graded copies towards the end of 2022. As with every card to make the list, the full-bleed design makes it tough to locate pristine copies.

Check prices of 2019 Final Fantasy Promos Cloud on eBay

4. 2020 Final Fantasy Promos Tifa #63 (eBay)

Tifa Lockhart features heavily on this list, with the card seen above found in 2020 Gift Tin boxes. It’s a Full Art design featuring the character mid-attack, with the stained glass of the Midgar Slums church in the background. Along with Aerith, Tifa is one of the most popular playable characters from FFVII. As well as being handy in the TCG, it’s easy to see how these cards have become collector’s items. 

Check prices of 2020 Final Fantasy Promos Tifa on eBay

3. 2016 Final Fantasy Opus I Foil Cloud #182L (eBay)

Released back in 2016, the Opus I Collection is the first booster set in the Final Fantasy TCG. It contains this vivid Full Art Cloud card, showing the ex-SOLDIER in all of his brooding glory. The foil finish also makes it condition-sensitive compared to the average FF release. 

It’s the perfect example of just how far these cards have come in terms of design in just six years. Compare the Tifa cards seen below to see the progression. As one of the hits from the first set, it’s always going to be fairly valuable. 

Check prices of 2016 Final Fantasy Opus I Foil Cloud on eBay

2. 2021 Final Fantasy Opus XIV Pre-release Tifa #120H (eBay)

“Do you remember our promise?!”

This pre-release card from the Opus XIV Collection features Tifa in Nibelheim, looking at the stars. It’s a scene from FFVII, and one of the more aesthetically pleasing cards overall. As a pre-release exclusive promo card that came out fairly recently, PSA 10 copies are readily available, and tend to attract numerous bids at auction. There’s no doubt that this is a top pick, but it’s outmatched by the card seen below. 

Check prices of 2021 Final Fantasy Opus XIV Prerelease Tifa on eBay

1. 2020 Final Fantasy Opus XI Tifa #71L (eBay)

This popular Tifa 11-07L Full Art came with Opus XI: Soldier’s Return. The 2020 release uses the modern design of Avalanche’s martial artist. 

The artwork uses a smokey effect, with black corners that make it tough to find in higher grades. These Full Art cards are the rarest releases overall, with Tifa joined by Cloud and antagonist Sephiroth for Opus XI.

Particularly valuable compared to the cards seen above, pristine copies are worth a considerable amount. 

Check prices of 2020 Final Fantasy Opus XI Tifa on eBay

Why Are Some Final Fantasy VII Cards So Popular?

The original PS1 game came out back in 1997, and it’s currently in the process of being rereleased in segments on this generation of consoles. Nostalgia plays a big part, but the cards are also highly collectible. Many have made their way to grading companies in the US and the UK, and they tend to sell well. The Tifa card that takes the top spot is already selling for over four figures if you’re looking at PSA 10 grades. 

The Best Final Fantasy VII Cards: Final Thoughts 

I’m a big fan of the Final Fantasy series, and I collect cards. I’m obviously the target market, and I’m far from the only one. There’s a decent fanbase for the Opus series, and Final Fantasy VII cards in general. That’s evidenced by the high prices seen for the best graded copies of the Cloud and Tifa cards seen above. They’ve been out for less than a decade, but the TCG does seem to be picking up steam. As for the list itself, big characters like Sephiroth could easily have made the cut.

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