The Best MetaZoo Mothman Cards: Guide, and Advice

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Having taken the TCG hobby by storm, MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation was the first in a line of trading card sets that began after a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. The cards were available for shipping worldwide, and there’s a holographic rare in 1/3 of all booster packs. Mothman is one of the most popular Cryptids, with a variety of rare versions to chase. 

A clear fan favorite with MetaZoo fans, Mothman was initially released in three different forms: Cryptid Nation, Cryptid Nation Promo and Nightfall. There are various options to look for, including rare versions with a limited print run. Here’s a rundown with five of the best MetaZoo Mothman cards to collect. 

The Best MetaZoo Mothman Cards

Mothman has been included in sets since MetaZoo’s initial release in July 2021. 

5. 2021 MetaZoo Pin Club Cryptid Nation Blind Box Mothman Holo #1 (eBay)

The 2021 MetaZoo x Pin Club 1st edition base collectible pins + promo card set included one of 10 pins along with a mystery holo promo card. As you might have guessed, Mothman was one of the cryptids selected for this collection. It came with one clear sealed card matching the pin, and an additional blind sealed booster pack with a single card inside. 

There are a duo of Mothman alternative artwork cards to chase from this set. 

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4. 2022 MetaZoo Magicast Metapoo Mothman Holo #3 (eBay)

2022 MetaZoo Magicast was released for April Fool’s Day 2022, as a mini set consisting of 8 cards. However, they contained MetaPoo cards instead. It’s thought that the sets have a print run of roughly 10,000 boxes, and there’s a duo of Mothman cards to chase. The name Magicast was chosen as it was one of the earlier suggestions instead of MetaZoo. 

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3. 2021 MetaZoo Nightfall 1st Edition Mothman Holo #4 (eBay)

Released in 2021, Nightfall has proven to be one of the more popular MetaZoo sets with collectors, especially when looking at 1st Edition copies of Mothman cards. The first Cryptid Nation expansion, it’s estimated that Nightfall’s print run was double that of the original Cryptid Nation 1st Edition set. There are error versions to chase, and it’s an especially clean holo. A PSA 10 version will currently set you back by roughly $150. 

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2. 2021 MetaZoo Cryptid Nation 1st Edition Mothman Holo #3 (eBay)

The original 2021 Cryptid Nation release is where you’ll find a 1st Edition holo Mothman release that has proven to be fairly valuable if it’s wrapped in a graded sleeve. (For example, a Gem Mint version recently sold for just over $350.)

Essentially a reprint of the Kickstarter set, these cards have been updated ever so slightly, including the removal of the ‘K’ logo. 

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1. 2020 MetaZoo Sample Mothman Holo (eBay

Limited to only 100 copies, these Holo Mothman Sample cards are considered to be part of the first Cryptid Nation set. As the name implies, they were given out to build interest in the original collection, way back in 2020. 

Sample Cards were shipped out to buyers before MetaZoo Games had distribution set up. They were hand-packed, and approximately 350 of these were ever created.

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Buyers Guide 

Interested in adding one of the best MetaZoo Mothman cards to your personal collection? We’ve put together a buyer’s guide with our thoughts about the popular collectibles. 

As there’s a version to find in almost every set, there are numerous cheaper Mothman cards to look out for. The April Fools MetaPoo release is a great place to start, and the same goes for the 1st Edition options. 

If you can locate it, we’d stick with the 2020 Sample card given the miniscule print run. Copies can easily sell for four to five figures given the scarcity, and the fact that it’s one of the most popular cryptids overall. It can be seen as a Mothman RC of sorts, and it’s definitely one to watch over the coming years. 

Check prices of 2020 MetaZoo Sample Mothman Holo on eBay

MetaZoo Mothman Cards: Final Thoughts 

According to the legend, darkness fell over Point Pleasant in 1966, and the form it took was Mothman. Hundreds of eye witnesses saw this flying catastrophe plaguing the nighttime of this small American town, whispering the number “46” over and over again. All those visited by this mysterious Cryptid were left with the impression that something more sinister was on the horizon. They were proven right when Point Pleasant’s Silver Bridge collapsed just days before Christmas, killing 46 people.

Anyone with a passing interest in MetaZoo or cryptids is likely to have heard of Mothman. It’s on its way to becoming one of the more iconic cards from early sets, and it’s a de-facto mascot for the TCG. Mothman cards also happen to be some of the most valuable MetaZoo cards when all is said and done. It’s ​​a personal favorite of creator Michael Waddell, so we expect it to be around for the long haul. 

If you’re interested in collecting the best MetaZoo cards, there’s no better place to start than with Mothman. There’s something to suit almost every budget, from entry-level cards to high-end Sample versions. 

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