What Are The Best Spider-Man Cards to Collect?

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What are the best Spider-Man cards to collect?

Spider-Man is arguably the most popular Marvel hero, and the only solo star to feature in the top five highest grossing MCU films of all-time. (The other four happen to be the Avengers movies.)

As a consequence, his collectible cards are some of the most valuable overall, while he’s represented well across all Marvel sets released over the past three decades. 

Here’s a roundup with the best Spider-Man cards of all-time, featuring rare chrome options, and lots of additional info about the best cards to collect. 

The Best Spider-Man Cards

We’ve listed the best Spider-Man cards below, in order of rarity and overall importance. 

5. 1990 Impel Marvel Universe Spider-Man #29 (eBay)

Let’s begin with a vintage option. 

The 162-card 1990 Impel Marvel Universe collection is seen as a primer for the many comic book sets that came afterwards. It features classic artwork, with Spider-Man depicted in a simple web-slinging pose.

It’s easy to see why pristine graded copies are more valuable than the other Spider-Man cards found in the famous 1990 set. (There are 13 different Spider-Man cards in 1990 Impel, but this is arguably the best image overall.)

4. 2015 Fleer Retro Marvel Precious Metal Gems Spider-Man #34 (eBay

2015 Fleer Retro Marvel is the next set to make the list. 

The famous Precious Metal Gems (PMG) subset is where you’ll find this rare Spider-Man collectible. There are 100 Red base cards to go along with a trio of coloured parallels. 

Each has been coated with a chrome finish, which is flaky enough to peel and chip at the slightest touch. As always, this leads to higher prices for pristine graded copies. 

  • Parallels: PMG Blue #/50, PMG Green #/10, PMG Gold 1/1

3. 2017 Fleer Ultra Precious Metal Gems Spider-Man #MM1 (eBay)

Sticking with PMG cards, albeit from a different year, the 2017 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man ‘Marvel Metal’ insert has demanded serious attention from collectors over the past half decade. 

It’s found in 2017 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man. The set features the iconic web-slinger and many others from the Marvel universe. 

The card is similar to PMG sports cards, featuring a large ‘Metal’ logo in the middle.

  • Parallels: Bronze (#/199) (Red (#/99), Blue (#/49), Green (#/10), Purple (#/5) and Gold (1/1)

2. 2017 Fleer Ultra Ultimate Spider-Man #GC14 (eBay)

From the Royal Foil subset found in 2017 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man, this rare card is another colorful option serial numbered to 99 copies. 

It features Miles Morales, a teenage superhero from the Ultimate Universe. (That’s why he’s in the black and red suit, and why the card is listed as ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’.)

  • Parallels: Pattern 1 #/25, Pattern 2 #/10 

1. 2013 Fleer Retro Marvel Precious Metal Gems Spider-Man #5 (eBay)

The top spot is reserved for yet another PMG card. This time from 2013 Fleer Retro Marvel sets. 

We’ve listed Spider-Man PMG cards from 2015 and 2017 above, but the 2013 release is the original, as it was the first time they made the leap from sports sets like 1997-98 Skybox Metal Universe Basketball

It’s difficult to overstate its importance, especially considering their popularity and values in the present. As always, they’re susceptible to chipping easily, and graded copies sell for a significant premium. It’s easy to see why this card is the most valuable option overall.

  • Parallels: PMG Blue #/50, PMG Green #/10

Buyers Guide 

Here are our thoughts about the current market for the best Spider-Man cards ever. 

Rare chrome Spider-Man cards don’t come cheap, and it’s difficult to find affordable graded options. For something a bit different, you could look to 1966 Donruss Marvel Super Heroes. It’s seen as the first set of trading cards featuring Spider-Man, Captain America and other marquee names in the Marvel Universe.

There are so many collectible Spider-Man cards, as well as rare options from the 1990’s to consider. The 2013 PMG set is arguably the best overall, although it can be tough to find the rarer parallels on the market. Any of the Spider-Man PMG cards are likely to do well in the future. 

Final Thoughts

Spider-Man is the star of the only solo Marvel film to break into the top five highest-grossing, and he was trusted to usher in the latest phase after Endgame. 

He’s one of the most popular Marvel heroes of all-time, with a variety of rare cards to collect at the upper end of the hobby. If you’re looking at comic book cards, it’s hard to find much better than your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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