The Best Iron Man Cards Ever to Collect 

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Iron Man helped to kickstart the first Phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, carrying the franchise along with fellow Avengers like Hulk and Spider-Man as they battled Thanos and his armies. Here’s a roundup with five of the best Iron Man cards to collect.  

There might be no more Iron Man films in the foreseeable future, but that hasn’t stopped his best cards from selling for five figures in recent months. 

A key member of the Avengers, there’s no sign that his popularity is on the wane. In fact, a rejigged Ironheart will be released on Disney Plus in late 2023 as part of Marvel Phase 5.

We’ve put together a list with five of the best Iron Man cards to collect, from a variety of sets released over the last 35 years.

The Best Iron Man Cards

We’ve listed the best Iron Man cards below, in order of rarity and overall importance.

5. 1990 Marvel Universe Iron Man #42 (eBay)

1990 Marvel Universe is a classic collection, focusing on various key heroes and villains. Found in the ‘Super Heroes’ set, this card features an illustration of Iron Man hovering in the air. It’s one of only four to feature Iron Man from the collection, and the first overall. As of December 2022, PSA 10 graded copies are currently selling for roughly $350-$400.

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4. 2016 Marvel Masterpieces Captain America vs Iron Man #BS-9 (eBay)

2016 Marvel Masterpieces ups the ante considerably. Rather than the base Battle Spectra Captain America vs. Iron Man card, we’re looking at the limited Battle Spectra Gems release, numbered to 99 copies. It features the two heroes in the midst of battle, and comes with a serial number on the reverse. Given the low print run, it can be tough to locate. It’s a premium set compared to the 1990 collection seen above. 

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3. 2022 Skybox Marvel Precious Metal Gems Iron Man #136 (eBay)

The first Precious Metal Gems card to make the list is found in 2022 Skybox Marvel Metal Universe sets. It features a classic design of the original Mark I suit. It’s possibly the cleanest overall in terms of the artwork, with a different feel compared to the classic red and gold. Serial numbered to 100 copies, there are two further colored parallels, with the Green PMG seen above. The base Yellow version is easy to locate. 

  • Parallels: PMG Red #/90, PMG Green #/10

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2. 2017 Fleer Ultra Marvel Precious Metal Gems Iron Man #MM8 (eBay)

Sticking with PMG cards, the next is found in 2017 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man. It features a more recognisable suit, as the hero hurtles through the air against a foil backdrop. It comes with various rare parallels to chase, with the Green version seen above. The ‘Marvel Metal’ insert earns the name due to a large ‘Metal’ logo in the middle. Expect to pay at least five figures for a graded copy of the rarest parallels. 

  • Parallels: Bronze (#/199) (Red (#/99), Blue (#/49), Green (#/10), Purple (#/5) Gold (1/1)

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1. 2013 Fleer Retro Marvel Precious Metal Gems Iron Man #8 (eBay)

2013 Fleer Retro Marvel is where you’ll find this sleek PMG card, showing off Iron Man on the attack. The 2013 PMG release is the original, as it was the first time they made the leap from sports sets like 1997-98 Skybox Metal Universe Basketball. It’s extremely condition sensitive, chipping at the slightest touch. 

You’ll see a Blue PMG above, while there are also Green versions limited to 10 copies. In terms of values, a BGS 9 graded copy sold for $6,660 via Goldin Auctions

  • Parallels: PMG Blue #/50, PMG Green #/10

Check prices of 2013 Fleer Retro Marvel Precious Metal Gems Iron Man on eBay

Why are Iron Man cards so popular?

Iron Man was the de-facto leader of the Avengers, passing the mantle on to Spider-Man in recent years. He’s as popular as any other Marvel hero, and there aren’t as many rare options to choose from. 

The most valuable Iron Man cards are likely to be the Precious Metal Gems released throughout the years, and they always attract multiple bids when they come up at auction.

The Best Iron Man Cards: Final Thoughts 

A massive character, the loss of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man’s actor in the films is a big one. It hasn’t had an impact on his card values, which makes sense considering his Phase of films was received well critically. 

However, there is a new Iron Man on the horizon, and we’d expect a reboot eventually. If you’re looking at Marvel cards, it’s hard to beat a character that kickstarted the Cinematic Universe. 

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