Futera Soccer Cards: In Depth

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What are Futera soccer cards? Licensed cards are always popular, but there’s a tendency to focus on Topps and Panini. 

Futera is a smaller company, but they still produce a number of interesting products. We’ve taken the opportunity to check out Futera in-depth. 

Futera produces a variety of licensed soccer cards, offering a mix of high-end hits and affordable drops. It might not be one of the more popular names in the industry, but there’s no denying that the cards are designed well. 

Here’s what you need to know about Futera cards. 

What are Futera cards?

Futera cards are licensed, with the company currently holding the rights to print products for a number of notable teams. This includes the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal, Barcelona, and PSG. 

The company has been around since 1989, with lots of valuable cards released over the past three decades. They say;

“As an Official Trading Card Licensee of some of Europe’s biggest Football Clubs and international sports bodies over 33 years, Futera creates interesting and informative collections with features including player on-card autographs, game-used memorabilia and 24ct gold plated framed cards.”

I’ve bought a few Futera cards directly from the site over the years, while you’ll be able to find various options on sites like eBay or COMC. 

Are Futera cards worth anything?

It depends, but they tend to be far less than an equivalent Topps or Panini release. However, Futera is represented well if you’re looking at ultra high-end options, especially if they happen to be serial numbered. 

If you’re looking for the most valuable options, there’s a solid market for Futera one-of-ones. Check some of the higher prices seen in recent months:

What are the best Futera cards?

Here’s a brief outline of what to look for from the best Futera cards. 

Futera: Lionel Messi (eBay

Any of the rarer Lionel Messi cards are going to be worth a fair amount, as long as they’re licensed. Most will see the legend in an Argentina kit, and there’s increased demand following his victory in the 2022 World Cup. 

Check prices of Futera Lionel Messi cards on eBay

Futera: Ronaldo (eBay

Rather than CR7, we’re looking at R9, seen as the best pure striker ever. Once again, international options are the most popular, focusing on his time spent with Brazil. 

Check prices of Futera Ronaldo cards on eBay

Futera: Pele (eBay)

The legendary Pele is an icon within the world of football. Having passed away in December 2022, there’s a large market for memorabilia that was signed by the man himself. 

Check prices of Futera Pele cards on eBay

Futera: In Depth: Final Thoughts 

Futera cards are great for collectors, and tend to offer a cheaper alternative if you’re looking for autographs featuring a specific player. 

Many of the cards are serial numbered, and they tend to be printed on a thicker stock which makes them feel like a high-end release. 

There are still a variety of valuable options featuring some of the best players within the sport. 

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