Pokémon 1st Edition Glurak (Charizard): Guide

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What’s in a name? A 1999 Charizard is always going to be a high ticket item, no matter the language displayed on the front of the card. 

Charizard was translated into German for their original Gen 1 base set, and Glurak roughly means ‘Ember Dragon’. 

We’ve written about the best German Pokémon cards in the past. This time we’re specifically focusing on the most popular card from the set, as well as it’s potential as an investment piece. 

How much is a Glurak worth, and should it be added to your personal collection?

Pokémon 1st Edition Glurak (Charizard): Card Info

  • As with the English set, this card was produced in 1999 by Wizards of the Coast, as part of a Base Set which featured 102 cards in total
  • Once again, Charizard/Glurak was the card everyone wanted, especially if it came with a 1st Edition stamp of approval as seen in the image below
  • English language cards are more popular than German, Italian or Japanese versions, hence a higher price tag for equivalent PSA copies 
  • Glurak is still affordable when compared to the English Charizard card
  • Most sets that were released in English are also available in German (one or two sets were skipped), and German cards are still being printed in the latest Sword & Shield era
  • It has the same HP and attack damage across all versions 
  • This means that German-language cards are recognized as tournament legal for Play! Pokémon

1999 Pokemon German Glurak Holo 1st Edition #4 (eBay)

The key to the original 1999 German Pokémon set, Glurak (Charizard) can be found in his original holo glory, surrounded by orange and yellow flames. 

Expect to pay at least five figures for the best graded versions. This may be seen as a steal in a decade or so. 

Put it this way. If you’re looking at gem mint copies, they were selling for roughly $1,500 as late as 2018. They leapt up to the $35,000 mark in 2020/21. 

At the current time of writing, there are only 50 1st Edition PSA 10 copies, and 376 PSA 9s. 

It offers a nostalgic hit for anyone who is old enough to remember the 1999 collection, and it sells for a fraction of the value compared to the English version of the card. 

Pokémon 1st Edition Glurak (Charizard): Buying/Selling Advice

We really do like the look of Glurak. I think the card has true potential to rise as long as the Pokémon brand remains popular. 

To that end, there always seems to be another collection of games and new content on the horizon. The Pokémon Company constantly aims to get its claws into the next round of fans who will cause their products to sell out in many stores.

We think that Glurak is one of the better base set Pokémon cards to invest in. Especially as a gem mint English version is likely to be out of reach for many collectors. 

Would we buy Glurak? It’s essentially a quasi-Charizard, with the same look and vintage feel. 

On the other hand, it’ll never be as good as the English card in terms of value or intrigue. The majority of investors and fans prefer the names they know and love.

Check eBay for Glurak card prices

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