2021/22 Match Attax: Guide, Best Cards, and Review

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What are the best 2021/22 Match Attax cards?

Topps have just released the latest Match Attax collection, boosted with the news that both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have signed cards contained within.  

There are player patches, and a wallet-friendly price of entry. We grabbed a couple of the boxes and tins to see what all the fuss was about. 

As well as a guide taking you through the various subsets, we’ll be looking at the coveted 21/22 Match Attax autos and patches that make up the most valuable cards from the set. 

2021/22 Match Attax: Guide

2021/22 Match Attax: 24 packets per box, 12 cards per packet 

RRP: £43.20

Topps Match Attax is a trading card game featuring the best players in the UEFA Champions League. It was recently expanded for all three European competitions. 

Each player is assigned with an attacking and defensive stat. This does disturb the overall design of the base set compared to the average collectible. 

However, patches and autos are also joined by Topps Chrome Preview cards, as well as Topps Heritage inspired cards which have a clean look. 

They’ve also added die-cut player shields, and there are crystal parallels for 320 cards from the collection. Overall, there’s a lot of bang for your buck. 

2021/22 Match Attax: Best Cards

The ‘best’ cards from the set have to be the autos, especially if you’re looking for the most valuable versions. 

5. 2021/22 Match Attax Jersey Relic Cristiano Ronaldo #JR-CR (eBay)

Where better to start than the most prolific forward in recent history? 

Cristiano Ronaldo needs no introduction, while the addition of an authentic memorabilia patch from his time at Juventus. 

CR7 cards are some of the most popular in the hobby. It’s one of the few from the set which is worth sending off to a grading company like BGS or PSA.

There are also rumours that Ronaldo is hoping to move to another club, having handed in a transfer request before the end of the 2021/22 summer window. 

It could be one of the last cards to feature him in the black and white of Juve. 

Check eBay for Match Attax Jersey Relic Cristiano Ronaldo cards.

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4. 2021/22 Match Attax Jersey Relic Lionel Messi #JR-LM (eBay)

Lionel Messi now plays for PSG, despite his best efforts to stay with his beloved Barcelona over the summer. 

This relic patch is likely to be cheaper than the signature, but it’s still worth keeping an eye on, especially as a long-term investment piece. It’s not often you get to say that about an unsigned Match Attax card!

Messi still plays in blue and red, but later cards are unlikely to have the allure of a Barcelona-themed option like this one.

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3. 2021/22 Match Attax Autograph Edition Heung Min Son #AC-HMS (eBay)

Six-time Best Footballer in Asia winner Heung Min Son is up next, having signed an unspecified number of cards for the 2020/21 Match Attax set. 

His autos are always popular with hobbyists, even if the card would be a bit more appealing if it was a Panini release. (Ungraded Panini versions often sell for over four figures at auction.)

This is all without winning anything so far with Tottenham. A couple of trophies could see values climbing even higher over the next few years.

If prices are too high, a far cheaper option for Premier League fans can be found in the form of a Jamie Vardy auto. 

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2. 2021/22 Match Attax Autograph Edition Cristiano Ronaldo #AC-CR (eBay)

This Autograph Edition Cristiano Ronaldo card is unlucky not to take the top spot, as it would complement almost any collection.  

The patch mentioned above is valuable enough, but this rare auto is even better if you’re interested in potential ROI as a long-term investment.

Any CR7 auto is probably going to be worth a lot more in the long run, as he’s an undisputed legend of the game. 

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Check prices of Cristiano Ronaldo autos on eBay.

1. 2021/21 Match Attax Autograph Edition Lionel Messi #AC-LM (eBay)

This elusive Lionel Messi auto is likely to be almost impossible to find if you plan on ripping packs. It’s also one of the last signed cards to feature the player in the red and blue of Barcelona. 

It’s cleaner than many earlier signed Match Attax cards, and it’s a massive potential hit which will be used to drive sales over the year.

As with Ronaldo, we think that the market for Messi autos is going to explode when he eventually retires.  

For now, there’s a strong chance that he will add another Champions League trophy to his tally, only this time with PSG.  

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Check prices of Lionel Messi autos on eBay

2021/22 Match Attax: Overall

It’s rare to be so impressed with such a cheap collection, especially after a slightly disappointing release last year. 

The valuable autos are enough to make it tempting to rip open at least a couple of packs, while it’s not going to break the bank to do so.

However, it’s unlikely that you’ll actually find Messi or Ronaldo if you rip packs while auto hunting. We’d advise to keep a lookout on auction sites like eBay for when they crop up. 

The addition of Topps Chrome Preview editions, as well as the Topps Heritage cards mean that the average pack isn’t as worthless as it was 12 months ago. 

It’s a step in the right direction, and not a bad result for a card which is really a TGC for kids.

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