The Best Palkia Pokemon Cards to Collect 

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What are the best Palkia cards to collect? As is the case with some Pokemon, there are a variety of interesting prize cards to check out.

First introduced in Gen IV, Palkia is a legendary Pokémon of the Sinnoh region. It was chosen as the mascot for Pearl, and is mirrored by its rival Dialga. As you might have guessed, it doesn’t evolve and doesn’t have a pre-evolved form.

At the current time of writing, it has featured on 19 cards since making its debut in Diamond & Pearl back in 2006. Here’s a roundup with five top options to collect. 

The Best Palkia Pokemon Cards

We’ve picked out the best Palkia cards below based on a mixture of values, rarity, and popularity

5. 2022 Astral Radiance Origin Forme Alternate Full Art Palkia V #167 (eBay)

Palkia’s Origin Forme was released as part of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. As the game page notes;

“This is the true appearance of Palkia, the Legendary Pokémon that is said to control space.​ Palkia has the power to warp, destroy, and create space itself. They say that the very space in the world where Origin Forme Palkia resides is in shreds, as if it had been torn to ribbons.​“

The V Alternate Art card is one of the more interesting images you’ll find in 2022 Astral Radiance, or any Pokemon set. The artwork is reminiscent of optical illusions, with an impossible background that sees Palkia in the middle. 

Time Gazer and Space Juggler were the original Japanese sets, and you get to see the God of matter, space, and the cosmos as he warps reality around him. 

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4. 2007 Japanese Promo Fan Club Holo Palkia #6 (eBay)

The 2007 Japanese Promo Fan Club Holo Palkia is next up on the list. A simple Holo Pokemon card in terms of design, it’s the method of release which makes it special. 

It was a prize given out to Japanese Players Club members, who had to amass a total of 7,000 points by going to events, playing in tournaments, entering contests, and more. As such, it’s reasonably rare as of 2022.

Check prices of 2007 Japanese Promo Fan Club Holo Palkia on eBay

3. 2010 Pokemon Palkia & Dialga #101/#102 (eBay

The 2010 Palkia & Dialga Legend Holo is split into two halves, making up one large image featuring both Pokémon. The total of 150 HP was massive at the time, representing their combined power. 

This card was released in the 2010 Triumphant expansion, and there’s a Japanese Clash at the Summit version. A jumbo Promo version can be found in the Clash of Legends Box, released November 2010.

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2. 2010 Japanese Promo Present Camp Holo Palkia #73 (eBay)

The ​​2010 Japanese Promo Holo Palkia card is an extremely rare option. 

Another prize card, this time it was given away as part of the Legendary Pokémon Present Campaign. Exclusive to Japan, anyone who bought a LEGEND series booster pack was entered into a subsequent prize draw to win one of 5,000 sets of the Shiny Rare Holofoil print of Palkia and five other promotional cards.

Check prices of 2010 Japanese Promo Present Camp Holo Palkia on eBay

1. 2008 Pokemon Autumn Battle Road Championship Arena (eBay)

The top spot goes to the 2006 Championship Arena Stadium prize card. One of the famous Nintendo Black Star Promos, it was awarded to participants of the Battle Road Stadium event, who won at the fourth Stage. 

Former Pokémon card manufacturers Wizards of the Coast (WotC) produced numerous exclusive cards for promotional events over the years. They could be identified thanks to a black star with the word “PROMO” written where the expansion symbol would normally be found. They came to be known as the ‘Black Star Promos’.

As you may have guessed, this card featuring Palkia and Dialga is a major hit with collectors.

Check prices of 2006 Pokemon Autumn Battle Road Championship Arena on eBay

Which is best; Palkia or Dialga cards? 

Would you rather play Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl? Both have rare cards to pick from, and there’s no wrong answer. In fact, both Palkia and Dialga feature on a couple of cards that made the list. 

Palkia Pokemon Cards: Final Thoughts 

A legendary Pokémon that features on a number of rare Promo cards, Palkia is a fun option, even if it will never match up to the likes of Charizard in terms of values. 

It has also been promoted heavily, as the cover star of Pearl that has appeared in a few movies and the anime. The association with Dialga ensures that the duo are always going to be mentioned together, and they even headlined the 2022 Sword & Shield – Astral Radiance collection. The point is, it has lots of fans, as well as would-be collectors. 

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