The Best Paul Pogba Cards: RCs, Guide, and Which to Collect

Anyone who remembers Paul Pogba’s breakthrough season in Turin will be surprised at the current price of his best collectible cards. 

After leaving Manchester United as a talented teen, he won a quartet of Serie A titles with Juventus, as well as being named as the Golden Boy in 2013. 

He re-signed with the Red Devils in 2016, for a then world record fee of €110m (£93.2m). 

A lack of club silverware has followed ever since, even if he’s performed well for France over the past decade. 

Here’s a roundup with some of the best Paul Pogba cards that are available right now, as well as a guide looking at their investment potential. 

The Best Paul Pogba Rookie Cards

Pogba has a few options from 2011, as well as his World Cup RC from the 2014 tournament. 

3. 2014 Panini Prizm World Cup Paul Pogba RC #79 (eBay)

2014 Panini Prizm World Cup Paul Pogba RC #79

World Cup rookie cards are always popular, especially if the player in question has won the tournament outright. 

France couldn’t get it done in 2014, but Pogba was named as the Young Player Award winner as; ‘he consistently demonstrated his power and ball-winning skills, as well as his excellent technique, dribbling ability and great footballing brain.’ 

The card comes in a range of coloured Prizm parallels. They up the value significantly if you’re looking at graded copies. 

2014 World Cup Prizm Parallels: Red, White & Blue Power Plaid; Blue & Red Wave; Yellow & Red Pulsar; Blue #/199; Red #/149; Purple #/99; Green Crystal #/25; Gold #/10; Gold Power #/5; Black 1/1

2. 2011 Panini Manchester United Adrenalyn XL Paul Pogba RC #97 (eBay)

2011 Panini Manchester United Adrenalyn XL Paul Pogba RC #97

The 2011-12 Panini Manchester United Adrenalyn XL Hobby Box contains a trio of early Paul Pogba cards, released as he was one of four academy players promoted to the Manchester United first-team squad by manager Alex Ferguson. 

He made his Premier League debut against Stoke City on 31 January 2012, but famously decided to sign for Juventus citing a lack of playing opportunities. 

(This was somewhat justifiable, given Paul Scholes came out of retirement and blocked Pogba’s path to the first XI.) 

Adrenalyn XL cards are always busy to look at, while it notes that he’s ‘one to watch’. 

Pogba’s MUFC rookie card doesn’t feature a squad number, and it’s tough to find any earlier options committed to cardboard. 

1. 2011 Panini Manchester United Adrenalyn XL Paul Pogba RC #22 (eBay)

2011 Panini Manchester United Adrenalyn XL Paul Pogba RC #2

Another Pogba card from the Adrenalyn XL set is numbered 22, and features the player in a close-up shot. 

As well as the two cards mentioned above, there’s a third foil card released later in the year. It shows the midfielder with his first assigned shirt number (42), given in the build-up to a FA Cup fifth round match against Crawley Town in 2011. 

Paul Pogba Cards: Valuable Modern Alternatives 

What if you’re interested in valuable modern Pogba cards? We’ve listed a duo of great options below. 

2. 2019-20 Panini Prizm Premier League Paul Pogba Color Blast #CB-12 (eBay)

2019-20 Panini Prizm Premier League Paul Pogba Color Blast #CB-12

The Color Blast insert is always popular with collectors hoping to add a SSP insert to their collection. 

The unique paint effect is a sight to behold, while they’re produced at a rate of just one per eight cases. That makes it insanely rare. 

Each comes with a sole Gold Power parallel, limited to just five copies. 

1. 2021-22 Donruss Soccer Road to Qatar Kaboom! Paul Pogba #132 (eBay)

2021-22 Donruss Soccer Road to Qatar is a set which focuses on the runup to the 2022 World Cup. 

20 top players were selected for the popular Kaboom! Insert, such as Kai Havertz, Luka Modric, and Lionel Messi

The stylized cards feature a comic-style design, and instantly catch the eye. They’re also relatively expensive if you’re looking at graded copies. 

Despite having the 2022 tournament in the set name, Pogba is shown in his club kit. 

Paul Pogba Cards: Guide 

Pogba doesn’t have as many early cards as the average modern day wunderkind, but he has a collection of rookie stickers which were released in 2011. As with the other 2011 options, he’s pictured in a Manchester United shirt. 


Paul Pogba eventually got out of Manchester, and still has time on his side. 

He might have failed to live up to his true potential so far, but he still has a World Cup under his belt. Pogba could be a luxury cog in any midfield hoping to add a touch of class at the expense of defensive efforts. 

If you’re picking up his cards solely for investment purposes, we’d be ever so wary if you’re hoping for significant profit in the future. 

Check all available Paul Pogba cards on eBay.

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