Pokémon Special Delivery Charizard: What to Expect

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The latest rare Pokémon Center release is here, in the form of Special Delivery Charizard. It sees Pikachu flying on the back of the famous fire lizard. 

The Special Delivery Charizard is being given out to Pokémon Center customers within the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. (As long as they make a qualifying purchase.) 

Here’s what you need to know about Special Delivery Charizard, and whether we think it’s worth getting.

How to Get a Special Delivery Charizard

To request a code, you’ll need to submit your first and last name, mailing address and email address via an online form. Unfortunately, mailing addresses have to be located in the United States, United Kingdom or Canada.

They say;

“Your information will be used only for this offer and will not be used for any other purpose, including future marketing.”

That’s a good thing. As for timescales; 

“Codes will be distributed to eligible entrants within 12 weeks of entry. Some entrants may receive their codes before or after other entrants. This is intentional and designed to give our shipping partners ample time to fulfill each request.”

However, there’s limited stock, while there aren’t many options for collectors in Europe other than looking to the resale market in the future. 

(You’ll need to spend $20/£20 to qualify for the Special Delivery Charizard card after receiving the code.) 

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Special Delivery Charizard: What to Expect

After successfully signing up, you’ll get the following message;

“Thank you for celebrating the launch of Pokémon Center with us by entering our promotion to receive a Pokémon Trading Card Game card featuring Special Delivery Charizard (while supplies last).”

“Keep an eye out for an email with details about your entry. Once verified, if you were among the first entrants, you’ll receive an email within 12 weeks containing a code for your Special Delivery Charizard.”

We’re waiting to see if we’ll get a code, and we’ll definitely be getting the card if we do. After all, it’s hard to go wrong with a Charizard/Pikachu card, which is essentially free with a small purchase. 

There’s a good chance that it’ll have decent resale value, but we’ll probably get it graded, depending on the print run and the overall rarity. 

Final Thoughts

We really like the look of the Special Delivery Charizard, especially given the limited release. (Of course, we have no idea of the print run, and Pokémon cards tend to be overproduced now.)

It’s unlikely to match up to any of the older Charizard Pokémon cards in terms of values. Even so, the Special Delivery is another welcome addition to the TCG. 

After all, it’s not every day that you’re offered the chance to get a ‘free’ Charizard card. 

We do think that it’s a shame for collectors in regions where the competition isn’t taking place, but there’s no way to get past the shipping address. 

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