The Best Randal Kolo Muani Rookie Cards to Collect

Best Randal Kolo Muani Rookie Cards
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If you’re trying to identify the next star striker before he signs up with a UCL team, Randal Kolo Muani should be on your radar. Here’s a rundown with the best Randal Kolo Muani rookie cards that can be found on the market. 

French striker Randal Kolo Muani is fifteen days older than Kylian Mbappe, but the Frankfurt forward was one of the more popular rookie players from 2022/23 sets. 

He scored 15 goals in 32 league appearances for Eintracht Frankfurt last season, making him one of the more prolific strikers in the Bundesliga. As we head into the 2023/24 season, the likes of Manchester United, PSG, and Bayern Munich have shown interest. 

Here’s a rundown with a trio of the best Randal Kolo Muani rookie cards available on the market right now. 

Top Randal Kolo Muani Rookie Cards

The best card is fairly subjective, so here’s the criteria we used to come up with this list:

  • Values: We’ve factored in for some of the most valuable best Randal Kolo Muani rookie cards and autos on the market 
  • Rarity: Rarity will always have a role to play in terms of interest and pricing 
  • Popularity and branding: How popular is the brand, or the set itself?
  • Rookie cards: RCs are always going to sell for a premium, as the first ever cards to feature a player 
  • Potential ROI: Arguably most important, can you expect a decent potential ROI if it’s a long-term hold? 

3. 2022-23 Topps UCC Inception Randal Kolo Muani RC

2022/23 UEFA Club Competitions Inception is a stylized set that has proven to be especially popular since its release. The Kolo Muani RC is unsigned, but features a great close-up shot of the striker in a Frankfurt kit. 

You’ll be able to find various numbered parallels, such as the copy limited to 49 seen above. Cards from the set are printed on thick stock, giving them a more high-end feel. 

2. 2022-23 Panini Select Randal Kolo Muani RC #18

Panini Select is where you’ll find multiple options featuring the striker in a France kit. Kolo Muani was part of the France squad that made it to the final of the 2022 World Cup, as the forward narrowly missed out on scoring the winner. 

There’s a long list of parallels to chase, while Select cards are sturdy, with a premium look and feel. It’s a good pick if you’re more interested in Kolo Muani’s international RCs. 

1. 2022-23 Topps UCC Randal Kolo Muani RC #149

2022/23 Topps UEFA Champions League Club Competitions is a flagship release, featuring some of the biggest stars from competitions like the UCL and the Europa League. As well as numbered parallels, there are also 1st Edition copies to chase. You’ll be able to see the 1st Edition stamp on the bottom left corner in the image above. 

As of August 2023, it’s the most valuable unsigned Kolo Muani rookie card, with rarer parallels selling for upwards of $750. 

Are Randal Kolo Muani rookie cards worth collecting in 2023?

There are rumours that he could sign for PSG in the next few days, and he would be heading back to Ligue 1 to feature for a Champions League contender. In any case, if he keeps up his goal scoring and his career progression, Kolo Muani could be one of the more intriguing players in world football. 

Autos are now starting to make their way onto the market, with the 2022-23 Topps Bundesliga International Stars release proving to be another popular option for high-end collectors. 

Randal Kolo Muani Rookie Cards: Final Thoughts

One of the more popular rookies from 2022/23 sets, Kolo Muani appears to be on an upward trajectory. He’s sure to get a chance to compete with a CL team in the future, and prices aren’t overly inflated as of yet. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to say the same if he has another successful season in a top five league. 

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