SGC Lowers Grading Rates: October 2022

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SGC has substantially lowered the cost of card grading with their service, in the latest major move by one of the larger US-based companies. We’ll take you through everything you need to know about the news. 

With the announcement that SGC has lowered its grading fees as of October 2022, is it worth sending over your cards? It’s a decision that is likely to be welcomed by collectors. It can work out to just $18 per card, with an estimated wait time of only 5-10 business days. 

That’s a deal that’s hard to be beaten, and significantly undercuts the likes of PSA and BGS

The new SGC pricing scale: October 2022 

SGC has slashed its pricing at the lower end. It has dropped from a flat $30 to anywhere from $18-$24 depending on the number of cards being shipped. For any cards with a declared value of less than $1,500, pricing is now as follows: 

Here’s what their pricing scale used to look like:

It’s a large difference, especially considering SGC was one of the cheapest grading services already. The new prices came into effect as of October 2022, but why has SGC chosen to undercut their rivals so decisively? 

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Why has SGC lowered their prices?

In to a recent statement on their website, SGC said that they don’t want to take part in upcharging for modern grading:

“There is a relationship between company and collector that is precious to us and one that we would not sacrifice for anything. The policies that SGC has chosen to move forward with have been carefully thought out and deemed to be fair in relation to customer experience and hobby impact as a whole. One such policy is making the choice to refrain from upcharging modern card grading.”

In fact, the statement takes aim at the competition with a thinly veiled insult at PSA’s pricing strategy:

Too often do grading companies call up collectors at the end of the grading process to demand more money. When it comes to modern cards manufactured after the year 2000, we believe this kind of nickel and diming serves little purpose beyond padding the grading companies’ wallets at the expense of the collectors they are paid to serve. At SGC, no matter how a card is valued upon creation of an order, no customer will ever receive a call from us stating that more money is owed due to the fact that their Lebron rookie auto or Kobe Kaboom! has graded favorably. What you pay upfront is all you will pay and there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Yes, you heard that right. Your Josh Allen 2018 National Treasures RPA worth more than your car can be submitted for grading to SGC for as low as $18.”

It’s fair to say that they have a point, and have strengthened their claim as a viable alternative to the duo of market leaders. If you’d like to learn more about SGC compared to BGS and PSA, check out our mega-guide for lots of relevant info, from slabs to values. 

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Check prices of SGC 9.5 Graded Cards on eBay

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What does this mean for collectors?

It now means that there’s a serious company you can turn to if you’d like to grade cheaper cards in bulk. You won’t have to wait for up to 3-4 months to get your collectibles back. 

It’s great news if you have lots of cards valued at less than $1,500, or if you’re a fan of SGC graded copies. In any case, it’s likely that there will now be a lot more on the market. 

If you’re not planning on shipping off the rarest parallels, it makes sense to send your cards to SGC for grading, even if they might not sell for as much money at auction compared to a PSA copy. Does the cost of grading outweigh the price of the card? If so, SGC will probably be helpful.

Check prices of SGC 9 Graded Cards on eBay

Check prices of SGC 9.5 Graded Cards on eBay

Check prices of SGC 10 Graded Cards on eBay

SGC lowers grading rates: Final thoughts 

The move to make card grading significantly cheaper should be commended. It’ll lead to an increased number of affordable slabs on the market. It should be easier for investors to make money, and there are no hidden fees to worry about. 

On the other hand, a more cynical argument would be that the decision is likely to be in response to companies like PSA lowering the costs of their own service levels, as the companies vie for your business. 

In any case, it’s always nice to have another cheap option for bulk grading.

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