The Best Teemu Selanne Cards for Collectors and Investors

Best Teemu Selanne Cards
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Famed for his scoring prowess and memorable on-ice performances, Teemu Selanne has cemented his place in hockey history. With a career that spanned over two decades, Selanne has earned a dedicated fanbase and significant demand for his cards among collectors and investors. Here, we delve into the best Teemu Selanne cards to bolster your collection.

1. 1991 Upper Deck Teemu Selanne Rookie Card (#21)

Arguably one of the most iconic hockey rookie cards of the 90s, the 1991 Upper Deck Teemu Selanne is a must-have for any hockey card collector. Featuring a young Selanne with the Winnipeg Jets, this card carries nostalgic value and is a great reminder of his incredible rookie season. If you’d prefer a more expensive version, there’s a French edition, or you could look at cards that have been signed by the player on a later date. 

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2. Teemu Selanne Autographed Patches 

Teemu Selanne autos and RPAs tend to be the most valuable cards overall.

This premium card from Upper Deck’s Exquisite Collection series is a treasure for any serious Selanne fan. Combining a beautiful action shot of Selanne, his autograph, and a patch from his Anaheim Ducks jersey, it’s a unique and highly desirable card.

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Understanding the Market for Teemu Selanne Cards

Teemu Selanne’s enduring popularity, on top of his Hall of Fame career, bolsters the market for his cards. His numerous accolades, including a Calder Trophy and a Stanley Cup, increase the demand and value of his cards among collectors and investors.

Grading Selanne Cards

Considering professional grading for your Selanne cards can greatly increase their value, especially if they receive high grades. Reputable grading companies like PSA and Beckett can provide accurate assessments of your card’s condition and authenticity. A well-preserved card with sharp corners, centered graphics, and no visible flaws is likely to receive a higher grade.


Teemu Selanne’s impressive career, filled with memorable moments and high achievements, has made his cards a worthy addition to any hockey card collection. Whether you’re a fan of Selanne, a collector looking for iconic cards, or an investor seeking valuable assets, these Teemu Selanne cards are certainly worth considering.

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